200,000 Firefox Users Update Their Plugins

Mozilla recently announced the launch of a “plugin check” page (pictured below), allowing users to see a list of their installed plugins and whether or not any updates are needed.  This comes on the heels of a program where we successfully helped more than 10,000,000 Firefox users with a non-current version of Flash get to Adobe’s download/update page.


Now that this new program has been live for about a week, we thought we’d check the numbers (cumulative since last week):


Considering that this page hasn’t been directly pushed to users, these numbers are significant.  There are a couple spots within mozilla.com where users can click to find this page, but otherwise, our web analytics reporting tells us that about 90% of the traffic has been coming from news and technology related web sites.

Next, you may be wondering where people ventured upon clicking to “Update” or “Research”.  Here’s a breakdown:


We’ll continue to keep an eye on these numbers, and perhaps more excitedly, there are plans to soon integrate this feature into the browser itself.

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  1. best oha wrote on :

    More than 6,000,000,000 Earth inhabitants have not upgraded
    their FX plugins…

    Not reminded of Adobe flashing BS, not duped into downloading
    McAfee sneaky software.

    What a happy lot! Don’t you wish you were one of them?

    Kisses and hugs
    Best Oha