Firefox Hits 25% Market Share on its Birthday

At the very same moment in time that Firefox celebrates its 5th birthday, Firefox has also surpassed 25% worldwide market share for the very first time.   This news comes from Net Applications’ report for the week of November 1st (their weekly data requires a subscription).

Congrats everyone!

For those interested in “before and after” pictures, below is one way to visualize the browser market share landscape (based on Net Applications’ data).


14 responses

  1. Havvy wrote on :

    Odd, but delightful coincidence.

  2. micah wrote on :

    nobody actually likes ie its just default on most machines
    we live in a lazy world

  3. David Naylor wrote on :

    Wow, I like those pie charts!

  4. Ashutosh Singh wrote on :

    I am just waiting to see when the blue part of chart will become Red 🙂

  5. Ken Saunders wrote on :


    Man, those charts sure say a lot about the way we were.

    Thanks for freeing us Mozilla.

  6. Jan! wrote on :

    I take it the Firefox share from time 0 actually means Gecko and/or Mozilla proper? Or are non-Firefox Gecko browsers in the “Other” category?

  7. Tony Mechelynck wrote on :

    Wow! We’ve made quite a dent, haven’t we, in the quasi-monopoly of five years ago! Let’s hope SeaMonkey will soon emerge out of the “Other” category and help its big brother increase the “Mozilla & Co.” market share even more.

  8. Poch Peralta wrote on :

    I’m not surprised. I expected this and believe that
    FF will be number one. I’m still just wondering
    why my FF portable works excellently
    while my installed FF always crashes lol.
    More power to Firefox!

  9. hellveen wrote on :

    Gongratulations 🙂
    Internet Explorer – 5 years later…

  10. Anonymous Person wrote on :

    Wow. Nice charts, and IE still stinks. Firefox may still have bugs and does not pass the acid test 3… But it sure Beats IE by a longshot.

  11. zipu4 wrote on :

    chrome rocks!

  12. Kitsune wrote on :

    What would be a funny thing is the default browser gives options to keep it as default or allow to download from a list of other browsers available.

  13. Mir Ali wrote on :

    Mozilla, Happy Birthday !!!! you have done wonders for a 5 year old. Keep chipping on the edges of the Pie chart and send IE out of existence in a few years !!!!!

  14. leonard wrote on :

    Firefox 3.6 beta 3 is faster than chrome. And besides speed, Chrome doesn’t have any other useful and interesting features unlike Firefox. Leave Chrome, Safari and IE behind. get Firefox 3.6 beta 3 here: I never had any issues in firefox beta versions yet. Hope they continue at this rate forever and IE will become an unknown browser one day. Keep it up 😉