Firefox Metrics – More Community Focused

Over the years, the Mozilla Metrics team has been wanting to be more open with our data.  We have some key metrics related to Firefox downloads and daily usage and our idea has been to make this data open to the entire community (and more broadly, to the entire outside world, e.g., for university researchers to use).

As an early step in that process, we’ve come upon one specific area where being more open should prove helpful.  Working with Seth Bindernagel and the l10n team, we’ve created a set of custom reports that will be provided to Firefox localizers on a regular basis.  The reports were recently launched and Seth has a full write-up highlighting the key components (e.g., locale and geo interactions).  As an example, below is a portion of what pt-PT localizers receive.


Thanks to Pedro Alves and Seth, among many others, for their hard work.

4 responses

  1. Ken Saunders wrote on :

    That’s awesome!

    So is this data already publicly available, or does it need to be requested?
    And where are Microsoft’s and Google’s detailed stats? 🙂

    And one other thing.
    Isn’t this kind of detailed info also insightful and helpful for competitors? I mean, they already know where they are weak so they have an idea of where to focus, but laying out the details for them makes their jobs a lot easier doesn’t it?

  2. eric herg wrote on :

    so glad to see this get off the ground! hope the localizers find it helpful; it looks way better than i had imagined!

  3. Ken Kovash wrote on :

    Ken — this data is only being provided to localizers and sethb is maintaining the subscription list. In other words, competitors don’t have access.

  4. Ken Saunders wrote on :

    They do if we can’t flush out all of the IE moles. 🙂