By the Numbers occasionally breaks into the top 50 websites worldwide. This single domain, however, fails to capture Mozilla’s full web presence. Below, I have plotted two metrics, pages views (x-axis) and page views per visit (dot size), across our most popular domains.

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 1.50.57 PM appears on top, accounting for nearly half of our total page views. This picture, however, is deceptive. Three product pages–the Update page, the First Run page, and the Getting Started page–account for 80% of’s traffic.

To more clearly illustrate the relative popularity of our websites, I plotted these three sites separately from their domain. After doing so, a surprising picture emerges!

mozilla-snapshot becomes our most popular website, garnering over three times the page views of, similarly, rises in relative popularity, receiving 1/3 the page views of A few additional highlights:

* Together, Mozilla’s websites receive 700 million page views per month
* MDC,, and the Creative Collective are our most engaging pages

Next, I’ll examine our most highly trafficked pages and suggest areas to focus our optimizations efforts. Know a Mozilla web page you’d like to change? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

3 responses

  1. Tony Mechelynck wrote on :

    – I suppose is included in ?
    – I don’t know if is regarded as “a Mozilla site” or not but it’d be nice to see where it’s ranked.
    – Then there are non-Mozilla sites which are clearly Mozilla-related, such as (forum and KB),, etc.; but I suppose that for these sites it wouldn’t be as easy to collect statistics comparable with the ones for “Mozilla” sites.

  2. mrz wrote on :

    @Tony – I’m sure bugzilla’s small compared to the others. It’s a two node cluster – nothing else we have is that small. Most of the “smaller” sites are on a 7 node cluster while sites like AMO are on a 25 node web cluster.

    I grabbed two graphs from our Zeus load balancer for a couple of the high bandwidth & high hits/sec sites.

    AMO has traditionally be the big bandwidth consumer but as you’ll see, Personas has surpassed it. fxfeeds is still kick at hits/second.

  3. Cornelius wrote on :

    Where does “” lie on these graphs?