People in France and Australia Are Also Switching Browsers

After last week’s warning from the German government against the use of Internet Explorer, the governments of France and Australia followed suit earlier this week.

Similar to our analysis of the impact in Germany, we wanted to see what happened this week with IE users downloading Firefox in both France and Australia.  There are a couple patterns you’ll notice with the pictures below:

  • The rate at which IE users downloaded Firefox roughly doubled in each country.  That’s a huge increase!
  • As we mentioned last time, the shaded orange areas are meant to represent the incremental number of downloads each day that are above what we would have expected on those days (i.e., they are downloads that can be described as directly attributable to the government warnings).
  • The cumulative orange area for France equates to about 60,000 downloads and the cumulative area for Australia translates to about 35,000 downloads.





2 responses

  1. Michi wrote on :

    Could you please update all 3 Graphics, so we can see how it went on on the next days and how many totally switched through this?

    Michi (German FX user 😉

  2. Cornelius wrote on :

    Where does Mozilla provide historical download counts by country? That would be great info to see!