Firefox 4: Across the World

After a marathon Firefox 4 download ( 15.85 MM, see ) we prepared a location intensity graph. Figure 1 displays the cities by frequency of download (independent of how many downloads though the two are strongly related). Blue is infrequent to very few (bottom 10%), bright yellow is many (top 10%).

Figure 1. Location intensity of cities. Blue is rare, bright yellow is high.

Though the above picture is heartwarming at the same time it is disappointing. There are swaths of the world pitch black. The location information is constrained by the accuracy of the geo-location service but that is also related to internet penetration. With Internet access rapidly becoming (in the not too distant future)  a public utility, it is sad that the ‘have not’s have one more item on the list.

Based on reader input I’ve attached a large (2248 × 1268, 1.1MB) PNG file.Click here to download.

10 responses

  1. Sam wrote on :

    Do you have a higher resolution image? I want to see the detail in, well, more detail.

  2. Adam Harvey wrote on :

    Is a higher resolution version of the graphic available?

  3. Axel Hecht wrote on :

    Do you have a high-resolution version of that?

    Or, even more fancier, can you map that on a WebGL world? That’d be awesome.

  4. Sam wrote on :

    Is there any chance you can make a higher quality version of this? It’s impossible to look at now and not useful at all.

  5. James John Malcolm wrote on :

    What happens if you divide the local intensity by the population density?

  6. Mike Ratcliffe wrote on :

    You forgot to add the link for the high res image

  7. Michael Gaigg wrote on :

    Is the data itself available? That plays right into James’ question above..

  8. Saptarshi Guha wrote on :

    Also, no continent or county borders have been plotted. The plotted points create the recognizable shapes.

  9. Marco Seiz wrote on :

    same thought as James – plotting it against population density would give a more revealing picture.

  10. UAE Web Design wrote on :

    middle east and africa so low in using firefox ? add higher resolution image pls ..