Firefox Uninstall Survey


This page was created in order to share data from the Firefox Uninstall Survey.  We’ve embedded a summary report below, which is updated daily and shows cumulative data since June 5th, 2009 (for prior data, please visit  We plan to soon roll-out a couple additional slices of the data:

  • cross-tab reports – e.g., how do answers from 3.0.10 users differ from 3.0.4 users?
  • trend reports – e.g., how do answers change over time?  are there problems users are complaining about that have become more pronounced recently?

Lastly, we’re also exploring data export options, e.g., if you’d like to see this data in alternate formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, .csv, etc.).

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  1. Skype Helper wrote on :

    These statistics are really fascinating, especially that ~60% are replacing their browser – a metric that agrees with the 45% of visitors to my web site that use FF!

    Worrisome is the stat that ~30% are leaving because of “too many crashes” – which does not agree with my experience at all. Since we use FF here, our browsing problems have essentially gone away!


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