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MozFest 2014 – Calling All Policy & Advocacy Session Proposals

Planning for MozFest 2014 (October 24-26 in London) is in full swing! This year, ‘Policy & Advocacy’ has its own track and we invite you to submit session proposals by the August 22nd deadline.

If you’ve never been to MozFest, here’s a bit about the conference: MozFest is a hands-on festival dedicated to forging the future of this open, global Web. Thousands of passionate makers, builders, educators, thinkers and creators from across the world come together as a community to dream at scale: exploring the Web, learning together, and making things that can change the world.

The Policy & Advocacy Track

MozFest is built on 11 core tracks, which are clusters of topics and sessions that have the greatest potential for innovation and empowerment with the Web. The Policy & Advocacy track will explore the current state of global Internet public policy and how to mobilize people to hold their leaders accountable to stronger privacy, security, net neutrality, free expression, digital citizenship, and access to the Web. Successful proposals are participatory, purposeful, productive, and flexible.

This is a critical time for the Internet, and you are all the heroes fighting everyday to protect and advance the free and open web. The Policy & Advocacy community is engaged in groundbreaking, vital efforts throughout the world. Let’s bring the community together to share ideas, passion, and expertise at MozFest.

We hope that you submit a session proposal today. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Jacky Hood wrote on

    The web requires effort, hardware, software, and more. It cannot be cost-free. So, when this group advocates a free web, do you mean ‘freedom’ or do you mean cost-free? If the latter, for whom is it cost-free and who pays the costs?