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Mozilla applauds U.S. Senate’s passage of the USA FREEDOM Act

Today, the U.S. Senate voted to approve the USA FREEDOM Act. We will digest the news fully over the next few days but in the meantime would like to share this response from Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Senior Vice President for Business and Legal Affairs:

“Mozilla has long supported the USA FREEDOM Act, and we are glad to see today’s passage, which is a significant first step to restore trust online, and a foundation for further needed reform. We have more work to do, in the United States and in many other countries around the world, to protect user privacy and security on the Internet. Mozilla will continue our efforts to secure the Web and its users, demand greater oversight of surveillance activities by all governments, and keep backdoors out of our private communications.”

We’re not done yet. We’re going to rally the troops and plan for next steps to defend privacy all around the world. Stay tuned for more, soon.