Mozilla and Allies Say No to Surveillance Blank Check in NDAA, Yes to Strong Surveillance Protections

Today Mozilla, along with a group of builders and supporters of innovation, sent a letter calling on the US House of Representatives to pass strong surveillance reform proposals such as the Government Surveillance Reform Act (GSRA) and the Protect Liberty and End Warrantless Surveillance Act (PLEWSA).

In line with our previous call for reform, our letter also highlighted the need for codification of the scope of surveillance proposed in the Administration’s own Executive Order on “Enhancing Safeguards for United States Signals Intelligence Activities” and opposed a months-long reauthorization of Section 702 that would effectively greenlight surveillance abuses.

Both GSRA and PLEWSA take critical steps forward in protecting Americans from overbroad surveillance, such as imposing warrant requirements for queries of US person data and banning warrantless purchases of sensitive information on Americans from data brokers. We do, however, encourage Congress to examine how it can further strengthen PLEWSA.

Unfortunately, House and Senate Intelligence Committees are also considering proposals of their own, proposals that would entrench the surveillance status quo.

Those wishing to get involved can add their names to our letter and do their part to engage Congress on this important issue.

You can find the letter HERE.