Trust should be the currency

At Mozilla, we champion a Web  that empowers people to reach their full potential and be in control of their online lives. In my role at Mozilla this means advocating … Read more

Thank you, Mr. President.

Today, Mozilla joined with dozens of advocacy organizations and companies to urge President Obama to take action on net neutrality in response to his recent vocal support for fair and … Read more

Protecting Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

(Updated May 6 with additional notes; see below.) In January, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order that prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) … Read more

Reflections on NETmundial

I recently attended the NETmundial conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, along with Alex Fowler and Mitchell Baker, and am sharing my reflections in this post. To call NETmundial a “conference” … Read more