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Mozilla at 15 years

June 06th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events


Kicking off several months of celebrations across the Globe, Mozillians in Mountain View and San Francisco enjoyed cupcakes and champagne in celebration of all that Mozilla has been and will become.

For 15 years Mozilla has led the industry in the fight for an open web. Read more about our celebrations here and stay tuned for information about Moz15 events at the MozSpace near you.

What do you hope to see in the next 15 years at Mozilla?





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San Francisco New Space Is Ready!

June 06th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

The San Francisco office is ready!   We are firing up all engines for yet another exciting move as we continue to expand our presence in the Hills Bros building.

After months of collaboration, design, feedback, and construction, final iterations of the floor and seating plans were published on Friday May 30th in preparation for the massive move this Friday,  June 7  through  Monday, June 10th.  As usual, we will have post-move support during the week of June 10 as everyone cozies into their new

The two new floors in San Francisco will provide increased capacity for work stations in one of our fastest growing offices. Additionally, we have designed collaboration and innovation areas as well as a beautiful community space with patio access to the Embarcadero. Our main lobby, reception desk, and community space¬† will also be moving to the ground floor for an awesome upgraded experience.¬† We have a lot to show off including a new Team MeetUp Event Space and even a space that will be eventually open to the Public during the day.¬†¬† Of course, don’t forget about our 7th Floor Outdoor Deck!

Stay tuned for more photos, local press coverage, and an official SF Ground Floor Grand Opening information in the weeks ahead!





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Paris Grand Opening!

June 06th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

In the weeks since the move into the beautiful office at 16 Boulevard Montmartre, a bevy of checklist items and finishing touches have been completed, with a few more to go before our official public Grand Opening events during the week of June 10th.

Our Mozilla Paris employees are finally under one roof, able to entertain team meetups, workweeks, visitors and events in a space that is truly unique.

We’re looking forward to celebrating all the hard work and dedication that went into making this historic piece of Paris a part of Mozilla’s own history.

Hopefully you have seen the beautiful photographs of the Paris office that were published in the Journal du Net upon the office’s opening. A far cry from more traditional office spaces of yesterday.

We hope to see you in Paris soon!

2013-03-28 02.48.02

Packing at our former Paris Offices

2013-03-30 01.32.03

 Packing at our former Paris Offices

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How do I plan an Event in a MozSpace?

June 06th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events,Tips

WPR often gets questions about how to set up events in our spaces. Perhaps you belong to an open-source meetup that needs event space? Or maybe you are planning a hack day?

Planning events is easy with WPR’s help! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Make An Event Request in Service Now

We need to know a little bit about the event first. Date, time, number of attendees, etc. This information will help us plan the event logistics (conflicting event scheduling, catering, special event needs) and will allow us to add the events to our site calendars.Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.38.28 AM

2. Zimbra Calendar (Save the Date)

It is important that you reserve your desired room through Zimbra to avoid scheduling conflicts. We are asking all event sponsor/requestors to reserve rooms using Zimbra

Need help reserving rooms in Zimbra? Find out more here.

3. Event Details:¬†¬† Ask Us! Keep WPR in on your event details. We’re here to help, and have years of experience planning events in our spaces. We’ll make sure catering and drinks are ordered if Mozilla is sponsoring.¬† We can help set up the room for you, and we will think of the things that you haven’t because that is our job.

4. IT Support or Air Mozilla? Are you presenting something?  Do you want a video archive to show others later?  Do you need IT Support (Service Desk) or other Air Mozilla support, simply click on the links at the top of your Service Now event page to get our IT experts involved.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 10.14.44 AMAny questions? Please ask. We’re here to help!¬†¬† Email Us.

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Mozilla Paris: Finally United

March 27th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

Mozilla is excited to announce our newest office opening in Paris!


By doing so, we continue our mission of keeping the Web open and accessible to all by investing in our people, places, and leading products. All our Mozilla spaces are designed for use by our worldwide Mozilla Community (both paid staff and community volunteers) to hack, code, design, research, create, engage and contribute to the Mozilla mission.

Our new Mozilla Paris space combines working areas for up to 50 people and a vibrant community space designed to host up to 150 people for our Mozilla community events, meetups, and work weeks.¬†¬† We’ve incorporated the same leading technologies, amenities and designs as our other unique Mozilla Spaces around the world, all with a unique Paris feel.¬† After all, it is Paris!

Historic Building

We found a historic building that first and foremost met our space needs and vision and also needed a unique tenant to care-take, preserve, and protect the original architecture.¬†¬† In fact, the building’s architectural details have remained untouched in this heritage building and Mozilla is proud to join the ranks of distinguished inhabitants leading back to Marie Antoinette herself.

Mozilla’s occupation of this space carries with it certain custodial preservation responsibilities which, in part, is how we were able to secure this heritage space at a very affordable market price versus other options in the area.

Mozilla Spaces Goals

Our overarching goals for all our Mozilla Spaces remain the same:

  • Increase participation by providing opportunities for interaction, learning and collaboration with Mozilla;

  • Attract, recruit, and retain paid staff and volunteers in region by extending Mozilla experience;

  • Increase Mozilla mind share and influence within local communities.

Paris Mozillians will finally be united under one (18th century!) roof beginning in April.¬† It’s a stunning and unique addition to our collection of MozSpaces around the Globe. (note: we didn’t need to paint or do anything to the gold leaf walls – that’s how the space came!).

We hope you find a chance to visit and help us create, collaborate, and contribute to the Mozilla mission……and, of course, enjoy everything Paris!

More pictures!

Boxes have arrived, and the team is busy packing up our two former temporary offices in preparation for the move. Our space planning and support teams are in Paris this week as we set up and facilitate the move between the three sites. Working diligently this week and through the weekend, the WPR team (led by Rob Middleton, Lori Jashinsky, Lisa Gray, and Shannon Clayton), Desktop team (Tim F, Guillermo, and newest member Guillaume C), and IT teams (Zandr, Ravi P) will ready the new site for employees on Tuesday, April 2.

Work Area


Community – Kitchen Area


Key dates for Paris Office:

  • Move-in begins Friday, March 29th

  • 1st Day in Office – Tue, April 2nd;¬† Final construction details, polishing, and office bug fixing happening throughout remainder of April
  • Grand opening public event celebration – June 10th

Lots of Questions:

As a reminder, our office openings typically generate lots of questions, press and blogger attention.  If you are contacted by anyone interested in learning more about our new Paris office and plans for Mozilla in France, please forward inquiries to, per the usual media inquiry process.  We will be inviting local media, our community, and others to our scheduled June 10th grand opening soon.

We know many of you already have questions surrounding the opening and operating of this space.¬† A regular rolling set of communications has already begun with all our Paris Mozillians to help them plan, pack, and move in next week.¬†¬† We’ll also be communicating to our partners, vendors, press, and several others shortly.

We’ll also be posting lots of updated Paris Office information to answer most every other internal “how to” question in the next few days.

Thank You’s!

More huge thank you’s to our amazing Mozilla teams responsible for making these Mozilla Spaces possible including our extensive Mozilla Spaces team (Mozilla WPR, Rosen Realty Group, CRE Group, ISG, and several other external partners), Mozilla Desktop team, Mozilla’s IT and Networking teams, and of course our current Mozilla Paris community of employee and contributors.

Enjoy! and Have Fun!

Amusez-vous et profitez-en!

The Entire Mozilla Spaces Team!



MV2014 Design Development

March 27th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

You’ve heard by now. Our Mountain View Headquarters are moving to a bigger, better space early in 2014. WPR is already planning this momentous move, and is making sure you’re in the loop along the way.

The MV2014 project kicked off this month with a meeting on 3/12 in MV & on Air Mozilla  where employees learned about our plans for the new Mountain View site at 331 E Evelyn St in Mountain View. Employee feedback is helping us improve and enhance our future working environments in Mountain View and elsewhere.  The goal of these efforts is to ensure full transparency and include Mozillians in the planning and design process.  WPR is focused on improving your comfort and productivity in our workspaces.  These development efforts are designed to culminate in a smooth move process and a great transition to our new home, MV2014!

Upcoming steps in the design process include:







Through this Engagement process we’re sharing and gathering information in a variety of ways:


Individual online surveys have been sent to our MV & SF offices to gather specific feedback on work styles and preferences and focus groups were held earlier in March to learn about group adjacency and identity needs between our teams at Mozilla.  We held an open house event on March 21st, giving Mountain View employees another chance to share their ideas and concerns. You can follow  along for updates for at MV Evelyn Ave Design Development.

Project Timeline:

  • March and April:¬† Space Planning and Designing (Idea gathering, several planning versions, discussions)
  • May: Develop Construction Documentation (full details down to each square foot of this new 60,000 sq ft space)
  • June: 30 day RFP process for hiring a general contractor
  • July: Sub-contractor bidding on construction
  • August 1: Demolition and construction begins
  • Feb 1, 2014: Move In!

Please join us for our next MV2014 Brownbag on 3/27 in MV and on Air Mozilla; we encourage you to join in the discussion.

Please send any questions, comments and input about the move, the design, or the engagement process to Aerial 331

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