What’s happening with Firefox for Android Support July 25, 2013

Hello world. There’s a lot happening in the world of Firefox for Andoid in the SUMO (support.mozila.org) team and it’s not getting the exposure it deserves. So I am going to have a series of “What’s happening”posts. They will be happening at least once a week and will summarize what’s going on.

What’s going on this week in Firefox for Android Support

[Michael has an awesome post every week about what’s happening overall in SUMO for desktop, Android and Firefox OS. Check out the July 22, 2013 edition of what’s happening in SUMO].

Current release is Firefox 22 for Android: There are no major Firefox 22 for Android issues, thanks to everybody for making this release smooth and it’s great to see overall crashing and issues decreasing.

Upcoming releases:

Firefox 23

Firefox 24

  • It’s help article day on Thursday i.e. Today July 25, 2013, help us research and do some easy edits!:
  • It’s time to research articles for Firefox 24 for Android.  Thanks to Karen and Erin the Firefox for Android roadmap is accurate!  Please use it for research: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Roadmap#Firefox_24:_Embracing_the_Ecosystem_.28Aurora.29
  • The big feature in 24 is our upcoming Android permission bump to enable some cool features: geolocation services, NFC bump and perhaps more. (why perhaps? because Firefox is on a 6 week release cycle which we call a “train” and sometimes we move features from one train to another e.g. from the FF24 train to the FF25 train).

Or help us with existing articles


  • Roland on vacation July 24, August 1-2, 12-14; Roland working on Eastern Time July 24 – August 9

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