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Thunderbird Future Transition in November 2012

This fantastic photo by lrargerich reminds me of the awesome potential of transitions

After the release of Thunderbird 17 on November 20, 2012, Thunderbird is transitioning to be a community-led project. Check out JB’s post on Thunderbird’s future, JB’s interview with Tristan about Thunderbird’s future and Mitchell’s post for an overview of this Thunderbird transition post Thunderbird 17. Also here are two excellent threads on the the tb-planning mailing list: thread 1: change of release and governance model for Thunderbird, thread 2: papercuts

What does this mean for Thunderbird support? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please post your community-led Thunderbird related feedback and suggestions as a comment here or if you are a support contributor you can also post on tb-support-crew mailing list (and of course you can always email me rtanglao AT mozilla.com or contact me on IRC at irc.mozilla.org, nickname: rolandtanglao, I am usually on the #tb-support-crew channel)

[photo credit lrargerich on flickr]