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[URGENT] If you would like to attend the Mozilla Summit in October, please register at Mozillians.org by April 17, 2013

As Rosana writes “The Mozilla Summit will happen this year and we would like to invite all of our contributors to show their interest on the Summit, so that they can be taken into consideration for assisting it.”. Please visit her thread for full details on how to register at mozillians.org, You must register your interest by April 17, 2013! It will be great to see folks at the Summit, so please register now on mozillians.org if you haven’t already.

Support contributors please add yourself to the Mozillians directory

Thunderbird Support Contributors (e.g. you help support Thunderbird users on Get Satisfaction, or write documentation on SuMoMo or help people in third party independent Thunderbird support sites like mozillaZine, Geckozone, etc), please add yourself to the Mozillians directory and tag yourself “Thunderbird”, “Support” and your city e.g. “Paris”.

Please contact Roland, rtanglao AT mozilla.com to get vouched! Roland will vouch for anybody on the tb-support-crew mailing list!This will allow other Mozilla contriburtors to find you.