Firefox 3.6.2 Released

Mozilla has accelerated its timetable and released Firefox 3.6.2 ahead of schedule. This release contains a number of security fixes, including a fix to Secunia Advisory SA38608 which was previously discussed on this blog when we were first made aware of and were then able to confirm the issue.

For additional information please see Mozilla Foundation’s Security Advisory MFSA-10-08 as well as the Firefox 3.6.2 Release Notes. We urge users to promptly update to this release by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the “Help” menu, or by visiting for a free download.

46 comments on “Firefox 3.6.2 Released”

  1. nimd4 wrote on

    No, it’s the NoScript Add-on problem. Current version Disable it and Hotmail will work (Clear Recent History… Ctrl+Shift+Del if needed).

  2. Software Geek wrote on


    When right clicking on a picture or a link there is no more “Properties” option available. Do I have to install an add-on for this? Or how are we supposed to see the properties?

    Thank you!

  3. Ronda Wanda wrote on

    I’m not that impressed by 3.6.2. Ever since downloading it this week I’ve been attached by all sorts of trojans. Never had that problem before. I’m going back to an older version.

  4. IT Maniac wrote on

    I’m using Firefox 3.6.3, and when it’s connected to the internet, it tries to open another port to the internet like it’s not connected. Zone alarm doesn’t detect this since Firefox already has permission to access the internet, just weird Firefox is asking me permission to connect. Seems like Firefox is running some mysterious process in the background, even with automatic updates, add-ons and search engine updates disabled.

    I used 3 different virus programs and my system comes up clean.

    Mozilla, what gives? Trying to give Germany, me another reason to remove your browser?

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