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Mozilla Winter of Security is back!

mwos_logo_simple_transparentLast year, we introduced the Mozilla Winter of Security (MWoS) to invite students to work on security projects with members of Mozilla’s security teams. Ten projects were proposed, and dozens of teams applied. A winter later, MWoS 2014 gave birth to exciting new technologies such as the SeaSponge Threat Modeling platform, the Masche memory scanning Go library, a Linux Audit plugin written in Go for integration in Heka, and a TLS Observatory.

The first edition of MWoS was a success, and a lot of fun for students and mentors, so we decided to run it again this year. For the 2015 edition, we are proposing six projects that directly contribute to our most impactful security tools. Students will be able to work on digital forensics with MIG, SSL/TLS configurations with Menagerie, certificate management with LetsEncrypt, security visualization with MozDef, and web security scanning with OWASP ZAP.

The feedback from last year taught us that students work better when their mentors are more available to support them. But time is a scarce resource, and mentors can be hard to reach. This year we decided to reduce the number of projects and give each project two mentors: a primary and a secondary. Mentors also have a maximum of one project as primary, which will help dedicate more attention to the students. Our goal is to provide as much support as we can and help the teams succeed.

For students the requirements are unchanged: teams must be engaged in a university program and their professor must agree to give them credits for their MWoS project. Based on last year’s feedback, this formula works very well to ensure students have the time and motivation to work on their project.

Head over to the wiki for the detailed list of projects and application details:

Applications open today and will close on August 15th, in just one month! If you are a professor, tell your students about MWoS today. If you are a student, start assembling your team, and fill up the application form before August 15th. We will take about two weeks after the applications close to contact the teams and let them know if they have been selected.

Questions about the MWoS program or the projects can be directed to the mentors directly by email or on the #security IRC channel.

Come join us, we have t-shirts!

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