Minutes of SUMO meeting 2008-11-10

Attendees: cilias, zzxc, cww, nkoth


  • David is in MV for a Marketing Work Week
  • Weekly metrics
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Bookmarks issue (places.sqlite) is way up. Still investigating cause.
  • 0.7.2 to be pushed on Thursday bug list
  • Logo Candidates. Post your feedback on Tara’s blog post.
    • No clear favorite.
    • Need to clear up with David, whether or not Firefox logo can be incorporated in to Support logo.
  • SFD planning
    • cilias to go through content to cover in his presentation.
    • Cww to talk with locale drivers to coordinate workload.

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 1 new article request bug 463477, 0 article bugs verified fixed
    • That new article request is for an article on Private browsing (i.e. 3.1 documentation major feature)
  • Upgrading Firefox article is going to be renamed to Updating Firefox
  • Top 15 articles are now translated in German
  • Still want feedback on article editor mockups
  • In-product help discussion status:
    • It’s too late in Firefox 3.1 development to consider adding help-topic links.
    • Localization issue is still up in the air, but now have some metrics. (Interesting stat: 65% of all support.mozilla.com traffic is in-product help start pages)

Support Forum

  • foxkehbot is now reporting forum threads that need answering in #sumo.
  • Users coming from Live Chat can also insert the handle of the a person that helped them, and foxkehbot will ping that person.
  • Will have stats next week to see whether or not foxkehbot is improving things.

Live Chat


  • What is the best method/channel of communication between support communities with regards to weekly issues?
    • Currently assumed that the best method is to post in their forums, but something more efficient is desired.
    • Have some solutions to discuss on Support Firefox Day.