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What’s up with SUMO – Nov. 16

The big things this week:

Here are the notes from the wiki:

Sumo Development

  • Good bugs from the test day. Working through them.
  • Hopefully will have strings ready to go on Verbatim today. (Need to coordinate with Stas to actually put them there.)
  • Code freeze for 2.3 is EOD on 23 November.
  • KB articles are frozen on November 29th, 1am


  • Automated Metrics dashboard will be ready soon.
  • Cheng to update the Beta7 landing page.


Knowledge Base

  • Test day was awesome!
  • We will use the KB sprint to update things that we can’t have ready in advance
  • Cheng will figure out and file the necessary bugs to get the statpage in place in time.
  • Kadir will let localizers know about the plan to localize the start page


  • Traffic is down to normal again

Live Chat

  • Traffic is down to normal again