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What’s up with SUMO – Feb. 28

The big things this week

Minutes of the latest weekly meeting

Sumo Development

  • Pushing SUMO 2.6 (mobile) tomorrow @ 4pm PT
  • 2.6.1 next Tuesday, the 8th. AoA filters and bug fixes.


  • SUMO bug tracking:
    • Give a target milestone for all SUMO bugs: SUMO version, quarter, future.
    • Have process to give a target milestone to new SUMO bugs.
    • Ask for rights to edit the bug.
    • For smaller bugs it’s always the next available milestone.
    • Kadir: to go through the milestone list twice a week to triage.
  • Q1 goals – KB updates (Michael’s updated timelines)
    • Update Desktop [2011-3-15]
    • Update Mobile [2011-3-21]
    • Screencasts [2011-3-15]
    • Firefox Sync and Firefox Home Start pages [2011-03-28]
    • Add Mobile Troubleshooting Articles [2011-03-21]
    • Re-write Top Troubleshooting Articles [2011-03-28]
  • Many articles get so few views that they should be archived and not actively maintained. The discussion is going on in the forum.
  • We are going to have Wiki-Wedsnesdays, to involve more people with KB editing. Every week we are going to feature 2-3 articles and point out how they need to be improved.
  • Michael: to come up with articles and list of how to improve them
  • Kadir: to announce the Wiki-Wednesday on the blog


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