Kadir Topal

Kadir Topal is the Product Lead for MDN Web Docs where he works with his team to provide developers with the information they need to build delightful experiences on the open web. He also works with a group of browser vendors and the W3C on the annual Web Developer Needs Assessment. He’s been a long term contributor to Mozilla, having started the German Firefox community in 2002. Kadir lives in the Ruhr area in Germany.

SUMO 0.8.2

Last Thursday, SUMO 0.8.2 was pushed to the Firefox Support website. This update was more about pushing whatever fixes were checked in, so the SUMOdev team can start focusing on … Read more

SUMO 0.8.1

Hi folks! Earlier this week, there was another update to support.mozilla.com, I’d like to tell you about. This update was tagged as SUMO 0.8.1. The Vietnamese localization has now been … Read more