SUMO 0.8.2

Last Thursday, SUMO 0.8.2 was pushed to the Firefox Support website. This update was more about pushing whatever fixes were checked in, so the SUMOdev team can start focusing on 0.9. However, that doesn’t mean some pretty neat things weren’t checked in.

There are two additions to the article editor. Sometimes people don’t read the documentation before editing articles, and add content to the knowledge base that is against policy. Now we have a notice at the top of the editor that links to the policies page as well as to a couple of other key contributor documents.

In addition, we added a checkbox for you to indicate if the article applies to Firefox 3.1. When the new SUMO search engine is used, this categorization can be utilized to make search results only display articles that apply to the version the user has.


We also had a problem with the Firefox version detection, causing no content to show at all on some articles, and confusing users. That bug is now fixed.

We’ve also fixed the bug in the forums which prevented replies in older threads from bumping threads to the first page.

You can see a full list of SUMO 0.8.2 bug fixes in Bugzilla. Remember that if you see any bugs on or you think of a great new feature for the web site, please let us know about it in the Contributors Forum or file a bug in Bugzilla.