Minutes of SUMO Meeting 2009-03-09

Open Format Attendees: djst, Cww, zzxc, cilias, OzFox1, Tobbi, TMZ. Followup on last meeting. SUMO is dedicated to contributors so please give ideas for making things easier for contributors Some … Read more

SUMO now has a twitter feed

Activity in the SUMO has increased rapidly over the past year and our community has really grown! Now we have this blog, a contributors forum and a newsgroup. There’s all … Read more

Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-01-12

Attendees: mzz, Quarantine, zzxc, cilias, kbrosnan, Tanner, Cww, underpass, michro, myles7897, tom06, Jammer400 (came late) Sumo Weekly metrics Last week’s weekly support issues Malware (redirected searches, popups, etc) are starting … Read more

Coming soon: Support Firefox Day 4

The next Support Firefox Day will focus on localization of the Support project. Primarily, in this case, localization is translation of support articles into a number of languages for our users worldwide. Firefox is available in over 30 languages and with so many users, support documentation is also needed in all these languages. We have a secondary objective of starting an open discussion about Mozilla 2010 goals and collect feedback from our community of contributors and soon-to-be contributors. Read more

User support and metrics

Over the past month and a half, we’ve started an effort to gather data from users who come to support or provide input to other places in the Mozilla community … Read more