Forum survey results

A month ago, we asked you to fill out a survey regarding the improvements to the SUMO forums that we made in the 1.4 – 1.4.2 releases. Overall, the features … Read more

SUMO 1.5: Even better searching

Last Thursday, we released SUMO 1.5 which implements a significant upgrade to our site search engine. In addition to having a much more powerful back-end search where we can now … Read more

Help the Firefox team

There are a few bugs that the Firefox team is asking for help with. If you’re experiencing any of these bugs or are helping users with these bugs on SUMO, … Read more

Forum improvements

Over the past couple months, we’ve made a number of improvements to the Firefox support forums. Here’s a quick overview of the many changes we’ve made. We’d like you to … Read more

Support and You — a case study

Over the past quarter, there has been an effort with Firefox Support around working closer with everyone in the Mozilla community and acting as a bridge between the Mozilla community … Read more