SUMO 1.5: Even better searching

Last Thursday, we released SUMO 1.5 which implements a significant upgrade to our site search engine.

In addition to having a much more powerful back-end search where we can now index the full database every 15 minutes rather than once a day, we’ve added a bunch of new search options and features available through an advanced search interface.

There are two tabs available in the advanced search interface:

The Knowledge Base tab has options specific to the knowledge base such as language and category and tags. While the default search only looks for articles in the KB category, the advanced search also allows you to find articles that are in the staging area or are awaiting approval.

KB advanced search

The Forum tab has options to search unsolved forum threads or various other statuses in addition to the solved-only threads available in the default. You can also search for threads with posts by a given author or threads created or updated in certain time ranges. This lets you quickly get back to specific threads where you’ve posted or look for recent threads with given keywords.

SUMO 1.5 had a total of 70 bugs fixed. Congrats and thanks to the entire SUMO developer team and the webQA team for pushing this great release!