Freshening up the Knowledge Base for spring 2024

Hello, SUMO community!

This spring we’re happy to announce that we’re refreshing the Mozilla Firefox Desktop and Mobile knowledge bases. This is a project that we’ve been working on for the past several months and now, we’re ready to finally share it with you all! We’ve put together a video to walk you through what these changes mean for SUMO and how they’ll impact you.

Introduction of Article Categories

When exploring our knowledge base, we realized there’s so many articles and it’s important to set expectations for users. We’ll be introducing three article types:

  • About – Article that aims to be educational and informs the reader about a certain feature.
  • How To – Article that aims to teach a user how to interact with a feature or complete a task.
  • Troubleshooting – Article that aims to provide solutions to an issue a user might encounter.
  • FAQ – Article that focuses on answering frequently asked questions that a user might have.

We will standardize titles and how articles are formatted per category, so users know what to expect when interacting with an article.

Downsizing and concentration of articles

There’s hundreds upon hundreds of articles in our knowledge base. However, many of them are repetitive and contain similar information. We want to reduce the number of articles and improve the quality of our content. We will be archiving articles and revising active articles throughout this refresh.

Style guideline update focus on reducing cognitive load

As mentioned in a previous post, we will be updating the style guideline and aiming to reduce the cognitive load on users by introducing new style guidelines like in-line images. There’s not huge changes, but we’ll go over them more when we release the updated style guidelines.

With all this coming up, we hope you join us for the community call today and learn more about the knowledge base refresh today. We hope to collaborate with our community to make this update successful.

Have questions or feedback? Drop us a message in this SUMO forum thread.