Mozilla account rename – Changes on the support flows

If you’ve been contributing to the support forum on the Mozilla Support platform, you might’ve been aware of the difficulties of supporting users with Firefox account problems. The lack of safety measures to deal with PII (Personal Identifiable Information) in the forum, the ambiguity on some security terminologies (recovery codes vs. recovery key) or, ultimately, the lack of infrastructure to support users with account’s recovery issues without having them losing their data.

With the momentum of Firefox account rebrands to Mozilla account, the Customer Experience team has prepared a new flow to support this transition as well as building the foundation for a better support experience for account’s holders in the long run.

The new support flows

If you’re contributing to Mozilla Support, here’s what you need to know about the new support flow:

  • Mozilla account specific contact form

Users with Mozilla account issues can now submit their questions to the Mozilla account contact form that can be accessed from the Get Help fly-out menu. Questions submitted to Mozilla account contact form will be handled by dedicated support agents who are better equipped to deal with PII as well as have access to the infrastructure to solve a more complex case.

Screenshot of the new fly-out menu in the Mozilla Support platform

  • Login-less support

We also introduced login-less support for account holders who lose access to their account. This type of support can be accessed from the login prompt. Users who submit a question from this contact form will also be handled by dedicated support agents.

Screenshot of the new login prompt in the Mozilla Support platform

Implication for the Forum & Social Support contributors

If you’re a forum contributor or you have access to Verint, please help us direct any questions related to Mozilla account to the Mozilla account contact form. We have a forum common response for this called ‘Mozilla account contact form‘ and a clipping in Verint called ‘Mozilla account contact form‘ that you can use at your convenience.

Mozilla account as a product in SUMO

Technically, we have created a new product for Mozilla account in SUMO, which means that we’ll host future articles related to Mozilla account in this category. However, it won’t be visible as a tile in our product selections page. If you see Firefox account is still mentioned in a KB article, or if you see an article that should be moved to the Mozilla account category, please notify the content team. You can also check out this article to learn more about editorial guidelines for Mozilla account in our Knowledge Base.

Implication for the locale teams

You should expect to see many translated articles become outdated due to the update that we’re doing with the English KB articles. Please check the Recent Revisions page to see the articles that we’ve updated as part of this launch.

Frequently asked questions

What to do when encountering users with Mozilla account problems?

Please direct any questions related to Mozilla account to the Mozilla account contact form, unless it can be solved with KB articles.

Does this also include users with Firefox Sync issue?

The login-less contact form is intended for users with login issues, while the signed-in contact form is intended for account-related issues. In short, Firefox Sync is out of scope for now.

Do we support account recovery now?

Account recovery is a complicated process, and we don’t have the infrastructure yet to handle every case. However, that’s part of the scope of this new support infra, and you should direct users with this issue to file a ticket.

If you have other questions about this change, please join our discussion in this forum thread!