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Introducing our recent new hires

Hey folks,

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to our team’s recent new hires. This week, we’re joined by 3 new folks and here’s a bit of an intro from the 3 of them:

1. Sarto Jama – Community Manager

Hey guys, Sarto Jama here! I’m a Community Manager here at Mozilla. I was born and raised in Atlanta, where I currently reside with my 9 year old daughter (huge fan of Minecraft and Legos). Before finding my way to Community management, I spent five and a half years supporting a product called Knack. Knack allows users to easily build database apps. Knack is a much smaller company than Mozilla, so I was able to wear many hats during my time there. I’ve worked in Customer Support, helped build and managed their knowledge base, moonlighted as a member of the QA team, served on the hiring committee, helped establish the Technical Support team there and honestly a little bit of everything in between. When I’m not trying #allthethings, I enjoy spending my time with my family and serving my community IRL. You can catch me volunteering at community gardens and attending various classes in my free time (I’m eyeing woodworking next). Cheers!

2. Mehrnroosh – Data Analyst

Mehrnoosh Hasanzade is a dedicated economist and data scientist with a focus on econometrics, statistical modeling, and machine learning. She takes great pleasure in unraveling complex data to uncover valuable insights. Mehrnoosh holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Economics and Econometrics and has contributed to research on income inequality and policy uncertainty. With a friendly and approachable nature, she effortlessly collaborates with colleagues from all backgrounds. Mehrnoosh’s commitment and expertise make her an invaluable resource in utilizing data to tackle real-world problems.

3. Josh Cajinarobleto – UI/UX Designer

I’m originally from Okinawa, Japan but moved to the states for college where I majored in art. I’ve worked in creative and design positions for the last 10 or so years, but I’ve focused specifically on UX and Product Design for the last 4 years. I’m a photo and video enthusiast, but recently I’ve been swept up in the analog photography craze. I enjoy the process of shooting film because it forces me to slow down and really “look.” I also love cooking, particularly the process of setting mis en place. My fiancé and I spend a lot of our time together in the kitchen where my biggest pet peeve is a dull knife. I’m interested in how design intersects with climate activism, food futures, and building equitable communities. I’m currently based out of Atlanta, GA.

You’ll get a chance to get to know them further in our next community call. In the meantime, please join me to congratulate and welcome the three of them into the team.