Input Status Update – 05/13/2014

It’s been a few weeks since our last post. We’ve been busy!

In the last month or so we went to San Francisco, saw the new 49er stadium, knocked out more team goals, played some board games, expanded the team, went to Portland, did a Pedicab tour, drank lots of good beer, ate lots of good food, played more board games, locked in more Input Roadmap items, and created a ton more work for Will. Wheeeeeew. More information on all that craziness later.

It was an exhausting few weeks, but it didn’t even phase Will “The Juggernaut” KG! Here’s what Will has been up to lately.

Landed and deployed:

* [bug 986071] UI for select product
* [bug 999089] Add query to firefox desktop dashboard
* [bug #1005001] Move email validation to utils module
* Add test harness for js utility functions
* [bug #1005001] Add + in email addresses
* [bug 964292] Add statsd call for old android stuff
* [bug 994224] Fix the datestamp on the response details page
* [bug 994626] Update hacking howto
* [bug 1003262] Add api column
* [bug 949101] Add mlt section to response view
* Fix bigrams computation
* Simplify and speed up indexing
* [bug 1007826] Remove dashboard link
* [bug 1007833] Add note about version filter
* [bug 986589] Switch queries to use simple-query-string
* [bug 1007381] Add help link to query syntax

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