User Advocacy Q3 Roundup

Hey all! first, the good news from your local UA team, Q3 is done! and along with it, most of our Q3 goals and projects. Here is a quick summary:

  • Squeaky V2: Squeaky is on track. The AMO team is working hard on some ways to make it more difficult for malware to attack Firefox. We are also working on improving Firefox Reset and a bunch of other projects. V2 Kickstart, DONE!
  • Firefox Updates v1.5: We not only successfully launched the initial version of the hotfix, updating over 12 million users, we have a second version fixing bugs and improving data collection almost ready to go. Giant DONE! (learn more at this post!)
  • Updating and Improving our backend: We have a lot of tools that we use on the backend to put together our reports and gather data for those reports. This quarter we committed a significant amount of time to improving these tools and growing their feature set. We will continue this going forward. DONE!!
  • Pulse: We have created the first experiment of what will eventually turn into our Pulse (Now named Heartbeat) project. We had extremely encouraging results and now are pursuing resources to make this a full-fledged part of the project. DONE!!
If you have further questions, please feel free to follow along in our wiki, We will be updating you soon on the new awesomeness coming in Q4.


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