User Advocacy Q2 Roundup

Q2 2014 was a very busy and productive quarter for the User Advocacy team. While we completed too many things to count, I’m going to try to call out some of the bigger projects we made significant progress on in Q2, and some of the stuff that we will be carrying over to Q3.

Being the biggest redesign since Firefox 4, Firefox 29 naturally took up a significant amount of our (and everyone’s) time this quarter. For the User Advocacy side, we spent a significant amount of time researching our pre-release audience. We ran multiple surveys in Nightly, Aurora and Beta, studied how well users liked the update, the First run tour, etc. All of these pre-release surveys lead up to the big release, which lead to a fury of reading input data, the SUMO forums, and helping gather feedback for the eventual 29.0.1 release we ended up releasing. Overall, this long process, and cross-team work that we did, has helped us not only understand our users better and serve them a better product, but has helped us learn and grow for future large projects like this in the future.

You can read more about our feedback strategy for Firefox 29 here.

Firefox Updates:
Another large user facing project we have been pushing for over the last quarter has been the Firefox Updates Hotfix. This is a large hotfix that will be deployed to over 20million+ users who are not on the current version of Firefox, and will help them to update to the latest version of Firefox easily. While the hotfix hasn’t gone out yet, it will go deploying within the next few weeks. With millions of previously out of date users on the latest version of Firefox, able to use the newest features (Firefox Accounts, Health Report, etc.), on top of enjoying better performance and security. We are very excited for this fix and can’t wait to share the results with you.

If you’d like to track the progress of this Hotfix, please see the bug. Also, watch this blog for future updates.

Firefox Accounts Survey:
Speaking of new features, we always try to find out what our users think about our new features and products. We have recently launched a survey of our Firefox Accounts users. This is a new survey, so we haven’t gotten a complete data set yet, but stay tuned!

As one of our biggest sources of feedback, Input has a bunch of new features we have been wanting to implement for sometime. Thanks to the awesome Will Kahn-Green, we are making amazing progress on the Input site. You can read Wills great Post-Mortem at, but pay special attention to the Automated translation piece and the brand new dashboards. It’s exciting stuff.

This list doesn’t even begin to touch the number of things that we have accomplished this Quarter, with dozens of other projects, large and small, being completed in just 3 short months. Overall we are very happy with our quarter and are super pumped for an even more exciting Q3. Stay tuned for more updates on what is coming down the pipeline soon!

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