A new update experience for Australis: our process and design principles

We’re excited to release a new onboarding experience for users updating to the new Firefox (Australis). We’re not just introducing a new design in Firefox 29, but a new way for the web and chrome to interact with each other in our onboarding experience.  This will allow us to show, not just tell the users what is new in Firefox and educate them about the browser. With this new interaction we avoid relying on passive viewing of a web page and create a memorable experience that is immersed in the browser. To learn more, see the following blog posts that describe our design principles and process.

5 questions to ask during your design process

Learn how our initial assumptions about educating users became a project dedicated to creating an Update experience for Firefox 29 in 5 questions to ask during your design process.

Introducing the Update Experience for Australis

Learn about the key design principles that stemmed from our research and testing in Introducing the Update Experience for Australis.


Onboarding Tour UI

Onboarding Tour UI

Cross-team collaboration at Mozilla has been key to creating this experience.  The collaboration spans across teams such as release engineering, web development, marketing, visual design, UX, user advocacy & support, metrics, and others. Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and stay tuned as we continue to iterate and improve this experience in preparation for the Firefox 29 general release.

We love to discuss all things onboarding. If you have any questions, please reach out to Holly Habstritt Gaal and Zhenshuo Fang.

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  1. jeannie wrote on :

    Sorry guys, even if you prepare yourone ui fits all form factors ( which is wrong) chromification carefully and with a ‘carefully crafted update experience’, I will abandon Firefox as soon as Australis hits my system. If I wanted something that looks like Google Chrome for Windows Modern, i’d use google chrome and Windows modern.
    Bye and good luck, you will need it (or die like opera as Chrome-Clone)