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Announcing Add-on SDK 1.11!

The Jetpack team is terribly pleased to announce the immediate availability of SDK 1.11. You can download the SDK directly in either zip or tarball format. What’s new? SDK 1.11 is the most significant release in recent memory, largely due to the enhancements we’ve made to the page-mod module. Page-mod is easily one of the… Continue reading

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Featured Add-ons Board: Apply Now!

When an add-on receives featured status, it assures downloads, notoriety, and a provides a healthy dose of congratulations to the developer for their hard work and good idea. Many add-on developers see becoming featured as essential to an add-ons success, whilst users get the comfort of knowing that an add-on has been reviewed and recommended… Continue reading

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Jetpack Project: weekly update for October 23, 2012

Project News If you’re excited about that hot new ‘gcli’ toolbar in the Firefox developer tools and want to get started creating your own gcli commands and distributing them via extensions, look no further then Erik Vold’s gcli module! We’re landing a few late-breaking fixed for 1.11, so expect an RC2 announcement form Wes tomorrow… Continue reading

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Add-ons Update – Week of 2012/10/18

I post these updates every 3 weeks to inform add-on developers about the status of the review queues, add-on compatibility, and other happenings in the add-ons world. The Review Queues Most nominations for full review are taking less than 3 weeks to review. Most updates are being reviewed within 10 days. Most preliminary reviews are… Continue reading

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Review add-ons and get gear!

Our volunteer reviewers make amazing contributions—with more than 3 billion downloads of add-ons on AMO, they are at the front lines ensuring add-ons are safe to use. To recognize their time and effort, we have launched a reviewer incentive program. For each add-on review, reviewers accumulate points that fetch them cool gear! If you are… Continue reading

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Jetpack Project: weekly update for October 09, 2012

Project News Mozilla Labs just pushed out this awesome ‘about:profile‘ add-on that shows an interesting break-down of your web rowsing history – made with the SDK of course! SDK developer Matteo Ferretti has been working on some new modules that are ready for people to test out – ‘Geolocation‘ is self-explanatory and ‘Doorhanger‘ implements a… Continue reading

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Possible window load handler failures in Firefox 16

An add-on compatibility problem was recently discovered in Firefox 16. It is present in Firefox 16 and above, and we’re currently investigating it. The problem is that the window load event handler that many add-ons depend on isn’t fired under some circumstances. So far it appears that this only happens when a popup window is… Continue reading

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