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Featured Add-ons Board: Apply Now!

When an add-on receives featured status, it assures downloads, notoriety, and a provides a healthy dose of congratulations to the developer for their hard work and good idea. Many add-on developers see becoming featured as essential to an add-ons success, whilst users get the comfort of knowing that an add-on has been reviewed and recommended by the Mozilla community.

After three successful terms of add-on advisory boards, we’re once again asking the add-on community to come forward to be part of the Featured Add-ons board; and to help pick the best consumer add-ons for the next six months.

The Featured add-ons advisory board process

For the last eighteen months, volunteer board members have convened once per month to review suggestions and requests for Featured add-on consideration, highlighting some fantastic add-ons along the way. Board members must commit to submitting their own recommendations, trying out the add-ons themselves, and attending a monthly conference call to discuss suitability with the other board members.

Each Board’s term is 6 months and will be comprised of 5 community members, in addition to members of the Mozilla Add-ons team.

A note on member requirements:

Members must abstain from voting on add-ons that they have any business or personal affiliations with, as well as direct competitors of any such add-ons. Members must be picked from the add-ons community: power users, developers, and evangelists of add-ons. Priority will be given to applicants who have not served on the board before, followed by those from the first add-on board, and finally from the outgoing add-on board.

If you would like to be considered for a position on the add-ons advisory board, please email with your name and contact details, no later than November 5th, 23:59 PDT. The first add-ons board call will take place on Thursday November 8th at 11am PT (7pm GMT / 8pm CET)

2 comments on “Featured Add-ons Board: Apply Now!”

  1. Nadine wrote on

    i would love to be considered for a position on the board, i have mailed you, more than once as everyone was returned as incorrect!?
    If you did not receive my mail, pls mail me directly and i will reply with all the relevant details.
    Thank you,

  2. Dan Horner wrote on

    Hey Nadine

    Yes – I got your email thanks! WIll let you know as soon as a decision is made.