AMO Maintenance Release – v3.4.6

We pushed out a minor revision to AMO last night. This includes:

  • A “Remember me on this computer” option when logging in so that you are not constantly being asked for your password. The login credential expires every 2 weeks.
  • A reCAPTCHA process for new registrations.
  • Changes to the default sort order for search results making them more relevant. Now, exact name matches are shown first followed by other matching results.
  • Preview sliders for recommended add-ons on the category landing pages
  • Some fixes to some key problems we’ve been facing recently, e.g. inability to upload add-ons under certain conditions.

Checkout the AMO 3.4.6 fix list for a full breakdown.

2 responses

  1. Thomas Stache wrote on :

    Those are some awesome improvements, but dare I say “finally!”? Showing exact matches for searches first would have saved a lot of hassle, often the one result I was looking for was far down the list – with a lot of totally unexpected stuff clogging the result list.
    And that “remember me” for experimental add-ons – that’s just awesome!

  2. Thomas Stache wrote on :

    PS: using this comment form on the iPhone is near impossible, I guess the live preview code throws Safari Mobile out of the curve 😉