Mozilla Open House for Add-on Developers

Last week, we announced that we are sponsoring the first ever Add-on-Con conference and we can’t say enough about how excited we are to see this conference happen. Mozilla has been a leader in providing a stable and extensible platform on which to build add-ons and this conference truly helps to validate all of our hard work.

Mozilla is also hosting its own Open House to kick off the Add-on-Con and we’re inviting add-on developers to join us for some grub and beer and the opportunity to meet some of the folks behind Firefox add-ons. Other than just having a good time, we’ll be talking about Firefox 3.1, our new collections program (ie Fashion Your Firefox) and how we can better help you.

So if you’re an add-on developer, interested in the add-ons space or are headed to the conference, we’d love you to stop by. You can RSVP on Facebook or to