MAOW Berlin ’09 Call for Speakers

Paul Rouget has put out a reminder that Mozilla will be organizing the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop in Berlin on Saturday 28 March, 2009.

The MAOW is a one-day workshop that aims to spur interest and encourage the development of Firefox add-ons and of course to talk about Mozilla technologies in general. The format will be similar to the one used for the MAOW in Paris, namely, we’ll have two keynote speakers, a dozen workshops throughout the day led by community members and some GREAT pizza. We’ll also experiment with a new kind of workshop the following day, for those who want to stay on to hack the next day.

We already have 5 speakers lined up but we are still looking for 5 more, preferably german-speaking. If you’d like to attend and lead a session, please don’t hesitate to contact me as soon as possible.

The following are suggested sessions that you might be interested to lead :

  • How to write your first extension
  • How to write your first XulRunner application
  • The Mozilla build system
  • XPCOM for dummies
  • How to write a C++ XPCOM component
  • XUL && XBL
  • Advanced Javascript
  • Unit tests

If you’re interested in leading any of these 45-minute sessions please contact Paul Rouget at paul at mozilla dot com or on Mozilla IRC #addons

Please note that all speakers at the MAOW are 100% sponsored, meaning Mozilla Europe will cover the costs of all their hotel, travel and food expenses during their stay in Berlin.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Archaeopteryx wrote on :

    Miam, Pizza. What’s the program for sunday? If you don’t find someone for the “How to write your first extension” workshop, ping me. How long should it last? 45? 60? 90? 120? minutes