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New Category Pages and More

New Category Pages


Today we launched our category page redesign, which we plan on being the first of many meaningful improvements to AMO this quarter.  The goals of the new page are to better showcase both recommended add-ons and regular add-ons, and make it easier to discover a wide variety of add-ons with a minimum of browsing.

Simple User Profiles


We also launched simple profiles in AMO, so you can now write the autobiography of your dreams, as long as it’s less than 500 characters and doesn’t include any images.  This is the first step in enhancing user profiles, and we hope you’ll find it useful.

Updated Developer Agreement

In a separate blog post, we discussed the new developer agreement that launched today.

For a complete list of everything we fixed in this release, visit bugzilla.

4 comments on “New Category Pages and More”

  1. Ahmed Obaid wrote on

    Awesome, i really digg this new addition.
    It makes searching / browsing AMO so much easier than before


  2. David Rolnitzky wrote on

    Love the new redesigned of the category pages. Just taking a quick look at a few, I quickly found a number of new-to-me add-ons. Actually makes it fun to dive in and search around in the new recently added, top downloads and top rated groupings. Huge improvement in terms of discoverability. Can’t wait to see what’s in-store next.

  3. GrailKnight wrote on

    The site looks great.

    One thing that would speed things up would be to include the addons version number next to it on any page on the site instead of having to click an addon and visit its page.


  4. JeniSkunk wrote on

    On the redesigned top level category pages shown to users, where is the direct links to:
    Display sorted by addon name
    Display sorted by addon creator
    Show experimental addons