Mozilla Add-ons U.S. Tour! First Stop, NYC!

I’m sure you’ve seen a LOT of movement on in the AMO house with major changes happening to the site and lots of outreach going on. We’re doing our best to fill the needs of developers and most importantly, listen to your suggestions. We’re going to take it a step further by getting up close and personal with developers in major cities throughout the United States via the Mozilla Add-ons U.S. Tour!

Our first stop will be New York City on August 18th. Justin Scott and I will be discussing some of the newest initiatives going on including Collections, Contributions & more. This will be a great opportunity to meet & mingle with other add-on developers as well as pick the brains of AMO team members. Here are the details:

Mozilla Add-ons Meetup – New York City
August 18th, 2009
6-9pm EST
131 Varick St, Suite 909

Be sure to RSVP by filling out the registration form.

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Look forward to seeing you there!

13 responses

  1. Michael Kaply wrote on :

    > Justin Scott and I

    Who is I?

  2. Khaled Mosli wrote on :

    Awesome!!!! sounds great…I reside in Tampa, Florida. What’s your tour plan look like, and is FL one of your destinations?

    glad to hear the good news, and I am a big fan of Mozilla’s products and the lab ones as well. I have noticed a lot of improvements here and there. wish always success and brightness.

    Thanks and regards..
    khaled Mosli

  3. rbango wrote on :

    @Micheal: If you look at the tag line, you can see “rbango”, which is me, Rey Bango. 🙂

  4. rbango wrote on :

    @Michael: Have to take that back. Just looked at the link for the specific entry and it doesn’t show it although it does if you go here: WordPress bug!

  5. Chris Finke wrote on :

    What other cities are you going to be hitting? Any in the Midwest?

  6. XioNoX wrote on :

    Ho, this looks like the “Mozilla Europe Community Tour”

    I hope you will have a lot of fun!

  7. Arthur wrote on :

    Are you guys going to be stopping by DC by chance?

  8. rbango wrote on :

    @Chris: Right now, the schedule is really flexible w/ South Florida being the second stop and the 3rd stop still open. Email me with your location details.

  9. rbango wrote on :

    @khaled: Still deciding where to hold it but possible cities would be Orlando, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami.

  10. Vin wrote on :

    Sounds great! Any chance some of the developers can give quick demos of what they are working on to solicit some feedback from the other devs attending?

  11. rbango wrote on :

    @Vin: Absolutely! I’ll be working on the agenda and posting it up. I’ll do my best to leave in time for community demos.

  12. dan wrote on :

    Hey there, I live in the great state of Alabama. You guys have to come to Birmingham(one of the south’s entertaining cities to visit). I just subscribed to Firefox and was wondering when will you guys be here. Just downloaded the 3.5, does it add an extra feature of security when on the Internet?

  13. rbango wrote on :

    @Dan: Thanks for the suggestion! 😀