The “Extend Firefox Grand Prize Award Winners” AMO Collection

The Shareaholic team, who were Extend Firefox 2.0 winners, have created a great AMO collection featuring add-ons that were Extend Firefox grand prize winners.


This is very cool! Thanks guys!

The Extend Firefox 3.5 contest is currently under way and you still have time to enter before the October 2nd deadline. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to build the next great web experience and win some fantastic prizes.

4 responses

  1. Hugo Leonardo wrote on :

    It would like suggesting, that in the Collections, the system could capture all the ad-ons what I have installed in my computer, so that I can add them in my collection.


  2. Antti Kantola wrote on :

    Hey you! Hear this :

    Make the “Shut the lights” -function ability for all video watching on any web-site.
    Darken bright enviroment/screen around that video you’re watching.

    (i really didnt find such, but if exists , would you let me know please)

  3. Rich Resnick wrote on :

    Speaking of the Extend FF contest, the entry page has been down for two days. Any ideas on when it will be up again?


  4. rbango wrote on :

    @Rick: We’re working on it for sure & trying to get it back online ASAP.