Add-ons Review Update – Week of 2010/04/13


  • These bi-weekly posts explain the current state of add-on reviews and other information relevant to add-on developers. There’s a lengthy overview of the Add-on Review Process posted in this blog that should be read as a general guide for the process.
  • Most nominations are being reviewed within 2 weeks. Our goal is have them all under 2 weeks by May.
  • Almost every update is being reviewed within 4 days. We want to reduce this more in the future, but nominations are the current priority.
  • The frequency of these reports has been reduced to bi-weekly (starting with this one) in order to reduce the noise/content ratio.

The Review Queues

  • The stats are taken from the latest queue report from last Friday. Note: on Friday we discovered about 100 add-on updates with incorrect status due to an AMO bug. Their status was fixed and they have all been reviewed or received editor feedback by now.
  • 62 new nominations that week. 105 nominations in the queue awaiting review.
  • 82 updates that week. 82 updates in the queue awaiting review.
  • 262 reviews performed by AMO Editors this month. There were 18 editors performing reviews last week.

See the Add-on Review Process and You for information on how to check your  add-on status.

Notes for Developers

  • Useful Information for Add-on Authors. How to improve review times for your add-on, information about the review process, etc.
  • Bugzilla information for editors. How to file AMO bugs, how to flag bugs relevant for editors, and information on current and future AMO version releases. Let me know if you want to help fixing AMO bugs.
  • Gavin Sharp recently blogged about upcoming changes to the tab context menu.
  • If you have an add-on that uses the XPCOM Plugin API and have been experiencing problems migrating to 3.6, please read these discussions at the AMO Forum.
  • You should read Justin Scott’s post on the proposed changes for the AMO sandbox model. This proposal will substantially change the way we see and deal with unreviewed add-ons, and will have a significant impact on all add-on developers. The proposal has since been updated and the incubation period has been extended to 90 days.

Jorge Villalobos

Add-ons Developer Relations Lead, Mozilla

2 responses

  1. Mike A. wrote on :

    I would like to comment on your browser, Mozilla Firefox. I would like to be able to see the links from the search engines when a search is performed. Currently, your browser does open into other pages along one browser, which is really good. But I would like to see the pages that I’ve opened up in several links along in one page. Internet Explorer has a feature such as this. (I realize you may not wish to copy IE.) But the feature is efficient. Is there anyway you could be able to create a feature like this in Mozilla Firefox?

  2. Jeff Cotrupe wrote on :

    I’ve been tweeting about this at – I think Firefox, with the following add-ons, is now hands down the #1 browser on the planet.

    [1] I want to thank the developers of the incredible add-ons that–by delivering the capabilities and convenience I was used to with Orca and Avant–finally pushed Firefox into the #1 slot for me:
    – FireShot (instant snapshots of pages)
    – Multicolumn Bookmarks
    – Open Bookmarks In New Tab (the main reason I used Avant/Orca for years)
    – Tabberwocky (open duplicate tabs to navigate from current page without “losing” current page)
    – WebRank Toolbar (probably something you won’t use but crucial for me in business, shows you “rank” of every site you land on)

    [2] I’m not a developer although I’ve worked with some great ones and may do so for this, but in the meantime I challenge developers to make Firefox’s handling of bookmarks as great as it is in Orca and Avant. Those browsers (Orca, built on Firefox code and Avant, built on IE code) make everything about working with and importing/exporting bookmarks a snap and no one (including the bookmark apps above) has even come close. Download either Orca or Avant, or both, see how they make bookmark management a dream, and come up with an add-on for Firefox that does the same.

    [3] Natural Q is: “Why don’t you just use Orca or Avant?” Two reasons:
    – Orca didn’t offer instant screen shots; purported to be compatible for FireShot but I tried many times and never got it to work.
    – Avant offered everything I wanted including what is still the best screen shots capability in the business, but like Orca it’s so simple to auto-open new windows for everything that I think it overloaded itself and Avant would often turn my computer into a “fan.”
    – IE is slow/cumbersome as we all know, Safari is inconsistent on speed and page-rendering, Chrome is low-featured and gimmicky, and Opera gets its “speed” by not showing you the true current page unless you refresh. (Found that out because I bench-test every change on my site on all seven browsers and Opera never shows latest unless refreshed.)

    So Firefox is clearly #1. It would just be better by light-years if its bookmarks were like Avant/Orca (both dev’d by AvantForce). So how about it?