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AMO Outage Report

AMO was down for around 2 high-traffic hours today due to problems in our primary datacenter. Mozilla IT was able to serve AMO out of another datacenter and things have been stable since then, but add-on developers should expect to see drops in both downloads and active users in today’s statistics.

6 comments on “AMO Outage Report”

  1. Zack wrote on

    The web developer at the next desk over from me wants to know why AMO isn’t served off a CDN. Only with more swear words.

    1. Dave Dash wrote on

      AMO is all SSL and we’ve tried serving static assets via CDN, but it was cost prohibitive. We are investigating serving static assets from multiple locations (AMS, Singapore, PHX and SJC).

      Serving the entire site this way is a bit more difficult since we are very database driven – so while we could put the webheads all over the world, we couldn’t keep the dbs reasonably in sync.

  2. doesnt work wrote on

    the amo stuff (searching for addons) doesnt work from inside the addon window inside the mozilla (tested firefox and thunderbird) apps at all.

    it shows that the app couldnt retrieve the addons.

    tested multiple isps, tested multiple platforms and multiple versions of firefox and thunderbird.

    isnt anybody missing this feature? wondering.

    this is real bad.

    1. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on

      This should be fixed now.

  3. Dante wrote on

    Apparently is out. Can’t download add-ons at all, tried from a few different places. Also says it’s unavailable.

  4. JohnK wrote on

    Addons is still not working and it is a day later. Cannot do searches, get to anything.

    This is what I keep getting.