Add-on compatibility and Add-ons Manager testday March 4th

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Dear Firefox testers and add-on authors!

With a couple of beta releases for Firefox 4 in the last weeks, the final release of Firefox 4 will approach loudly in the near future. One of the major features of Firefox is indeed the add-on system and with the completely rewritten Add-ons Manager, a new way of handling add-ons has been introduced and established.

Given its big impact for the Firefox 4 release we want to make sure that any feature related to add-ons is working as perfect as possible. Therefore we want to hold a testday this Friday, on March 4th, fully dedicated to add-ons and the Add-ons Manager. A couple of important tasks have been planned and will be worked on throughout the whole day. The list below will give you a quick heads-up. A detailed test plan for the day will follow in the next two days.

Tasks for the add-ons testday:

  • Testing the top100 compatible add-ons in Firefox 4 beta 12 to ensure there is no breakage with any of those add-ons installed.
  • Additionally we want to put focus on their memory consumption and check that no memory leaks exists in the add-on or Firefox itself.
  • Supporting add-on authors and help them updating their add-ons for Firefox 4.
  • Performing major updates from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4 to ensure that users will be safe without loosing add-ons or any other data.
  • Testing the functionality of the Add-ons Manager for handling all kinds of add-ons.
  • Execution of Mozmill endurance tests to identify memory leaks

Together with your help we want to make this testday a success and ensure the quality of Firefox 4 for all of our over 400 million users world-wide. If you have time this Friday, on March 4th, please join us on IRC at #testday.

Thanks in advance!

When: March 4, 2011.

9 comments on “Add-on compatibility and Add-ons Manager testday March 4th”

  1. richiebee wrote on

    hoping the firebug bug is fixed

  2. ali haouas wrote on

    i have no website but if i can help with the testing i am happy to do so

  3. Marilyn van Oppen wrote on

    I am not sure I will be any help…too much of an end-user…not in-the-know technically…but, I am willing to try.

  4. Richard B-P wrote on

    I hope that You do not have a situation that I have been in since 3.6 was launched. ZoneAlarm Toolbar has been messing with my computer’s functionality all this time. Only just managed to get a straightforward solution to the problem from the help forums.

  5. bill m wrote on

    Hoping that one of the IE Tab extensions get fixed. so far, none work with the current beta version 12.

  6. cheri findley wrote on

    I can’t play Pogo with the newer Firefox version. Hope that’s fixed!!!

  7. rita wrote on

    earlier today i could play games on 2PM EST
    now it says there is a bug and give a blank page. 11PM EST

  8. rob wrote on

    whatever you did to mozilla, the add-ons broke my computer. thanks for nothing.

  9. Jake wrote on

    I hate to say that, but Opera’s Dragonfly is more feature rich than Firebug.