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Issue discovered with Firefox add-on upgrades

Update (Sept. 29 3:45pm Pacific): A new update for Firefox that fixes this issue is now available, and all users are encouraged to update to the latest version from within the Firefox About window or by downloading from
Update (Sept. 30 2:30pm Pacific): A new update for Thunderbird is also now available that fixes this issue for Thunderbird users.

We’ve identified an issue in which some users may have one or more of their add-ons hidden after upgrading to the latest Firefox version, affecting both desktop and mobile. These add-ons and their data are still intact and haven’t actually been removed. We paused new updates to Firefox to minimize the potential impact on users and will soon release an update to fix this issue and ensure all your add-ons are visible and usable. In the meantime, if you notice an add-on missing entirely from the Add-ons Manager, you can use a simple workaround to recover them.

We are working hard to resolve this issue. We know how important add-ons are to you and apologize for the inconvenience.

Justin Scott, on behalf of the Firefox Add-ons team

75 comments on “Issue discovered with Firefox add-on upgrades”

  1. Indy wrote on

    Perhaps you should release every 3 weeks now. I don’t know, logic doesn’t seem to be Mozilla’s strong suit….

    1. Mahaan wrote on

      Firefox wil get hang for unwantd numericals

  2. Michael Kaply wrote on

    OK, seriously?

    How about a bug number? How about more information?

    1. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on

      Mike, this post is intended for end users to get support, which is why technical details and bug reports aren’t included.

      Specifically, the bug occurs if a user accepts a Firefox update while they have add-on updates or new add-ons waiting to be installed. Any staged add-ons are hidden when upgrading to Firefox 7, and making any changes to your add-ons (such as installing, removing, or enabling/disabling) will fix the problem. The bug is and is already fixed in Firefox 7.0.1, which we plan to release as soon as possible.

      1. Nick wrote on

        Justin, I find it arrogant towards end users, to not include bug details and a link to the specific ticket. Why do you think people are unable to read tickets? What is mozilla afraid of?

        I’m an end-user and if I encounter a bug I look on the ticket system, if that issue exists. If not I open a new ticket. Also if there is an existing ticket, I will subscribe and watch, if the company behind the product is fixing the issue or if they rather ignore it.

        I don’t understand why companies always think end users are stupid. End users can’t handle version numbers. When will you send someone over to change my diapers because you assume I can’t do this myself and am still wearing some?!?

        1. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on


          I didn’t say end users can’t understand bug reports — developers are end users too — but the purpose of this post was to offer clear, simple instructions on how to fix the issue. Additional technical details can add confusion for those users who just want to know how to get their add-ons back. Previously when we have included bug reports in posts like this, the bug gets dozens of support questions in it emailing hundreds of users, which is not what Bugzilla is for.

          1. me wrote on

            “when we have included bug reports in posts like this, the bug gets dozens of support questions in it emailing hundreds of users”

            Well quite. It’s pretty obvious that would happen (anyone starred a bug on The bug information was given by Mozilla on request. I’m not sure what the moaning is for here, apart from its own sake.

          2. Brian wrote on

            Justin –

            1. You Rock!

            2. There’s no pleasing some folks. Perhaps you should just arrange have your ‘corporate offices’ provide each of these unhappy people with a FULL REFUND, and be done with it.

            3. Noli spurius permittere te terere.

            – Brian

      2. John M. Reed wrote on

        This new Bing page is annoying. All the good contacts that were standard on my old opening page are gone. The only solution i could figure was to load firefox 3. I still get the blank Bing page, but a click on the URL line gives me the option to go to, and voila, there are all my old familiar things on the page. Now all I need is a way to eliminate this Bing business! I am hoping the new upgrade will allow me to open in Yahoo.

      3. Valerie Rush wrote on

        Hi Justin, There are two users on my home PC (Windows 7 64 bit), my husband and I. From one day to the next, I discovered that I couldn’t view any video on my login, but my husband can on his. Weird! I tried updating Java and Adobe Flash Player — didn’t help. Then I upgraded Firefox to the latest (version 11, I think), but that didn’t help either. I work for a software firm and no one had the slightest idea what was causing this on the same computer. Do you have any thoughts on what caused this, and how to solve it? Thanks (7/1/12)

  3. Michael wrote on

    Oh, that issue. Add-ons disappearing and reappearing was discussed on MozillaZine a few weeks ago. I thought a bug was filed, but possibly not – I think there was an assumption that addons are generally broken with betas, so it was dealt with as more of a tech support issue than a bug. I guess someone should have made more noise about it (sorry that I didn’t myself…)

    1. patrickjdempsey wrote on

      The bug was reported mid-August with the Beta bump, had a few responses and then was apparently forgotten about for over a month. Earlier duplicate bugs may have helped attract attention to the issue.

  4. Ngamer01 wrote on

    Is Thunderbird affected with such a bug too? Thunderbird 7 just went from beta to release recently.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Thunderbird is also affected. The workaround also works in Tb, and a 7.0.1 update will also occur.

  5. Ken Saunders wrote on

    I have no reasons to defend Justin other than the fact that the AMO team is probably the best, or one of the best branches of Mozilla when it comes to user’s and developer’s concerns and issues, but a simple request for the bug id is a kinder way to go rather than giving him a hard time.

    I hope that my comment doesn’t take things off track here, but it needed to be said.

    I remember the state of AMO (or UMO) before the current team was managing it and add-ons, and people were far less accessible and things didn’t run as efficiently as or good as they do now.

    1. Michael Kaply wrote on


      The reason I gave him a hard time is because this blog is one of the primary ways that the AMO/Add-on team communicates with Add-on developers (not just users).

      Feel free to read and see:

      So to provide so little information and no bug number was a huge oversight.

  6. Paul Booker wrote on

    “.. a simple request for the bug id is a kinder way to go rather than giving him [Justin] a hard time.”


    // Paul Booker

  7. Zed wrote on

    Ok, so any idea on when 7.01 will be out?

    I was wondering why FF6 was telling me that it’s up to date when it’s not.
    So I uninstalled it and now I got a faulty Firefox. Should I uninstall this one too?
    Or just wait for the update?

    1. Ted wrote on

      Don’t be silly Zed, they’re going to call it Firefox 8.

  8. Norman Bates wrote on

    if you want to annoy firefox and thunderbird users with the release policy, this is probably the best way to do it.
    (Despite the nice work with the workaround and thr help here)

  9. Tim wrote on

    A serious bug in a major version. This is the revenge for the rapid release model: Quality does not matter, a higher version number does matter.

  10. Jonathan wrote on

    So Firefox 7.0 fixes 8 security vulnerabilities, 6 rated critical but you’ve “paused new updates to Firefox to minimize the potential impact on users” because some add-on updates may be impacted. Interesting set of priorities.

    1. Christian wrote on

      It is still available for download from

      1. Ale wrote on

        Sure it was still available but most people are not aware of their browser having several security issues that need update…

  11. MikeJones wrote on

    You might want to into the new tab link issues, too. Links open in new tabs but do not execute… the new tab just sits there with the link in the address bar (you have to click the link text and press enter to execute it.)

    Dropped the ball on this release, I think.

  12. choice wrote on

    Please check the mozilla sites to work when HTTPS is used, currently non-HTTPS objects/pictures/CSS/etc. are included, so a warning is issued, that non-HTTPS objects are included and you want to continue…. check yourself:

  13. RickyLarson wrote on

    Thanks for telling me about this. Thankfully I’ve moved on to Chrome in the last 48 hours. ENJOY your FF 17 in 3 years.

    1. Tiago wrote on

      Enjoy having your self spied on, your computer crashed, your money stolen and your wife cheating on you!

      1. Mr. Rogers wrote on


    2. Chris wrote on

      Chrome is up to version 14 in a span of 3 years, fyi.

    3. james wrote on

      I love how you are using chrome because you didnt like the rapid release schedule. Oh wait…

      *sad trombone*

    4. Brian wrote on

      Chrome is already at version 4634875.

    5. TheOrangeOne wrote on

      Lol, just so you know, Chrome is already on 14 and it’s been out much less than Firefox.

  14. Ken Saunders wrote on

    Can’t troll comments be removed like the one above mine.

  15. E wrote on

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign these releases immediately when they are released and include the .asc on for the linux binaries. If you look at

    you will find no .asc, and there are no entries for linux versions in the SHA1SUMS two directories up.

    This was also the case for the 6.0.1 release, so seems to be a procedural shortcoming, and promotes poor security consciousness by encouraging the installation of unsigned software.

    Thanks in advance for remedying this ASAP.

  16. Ken Saunders wrote on

    Wow, a product update specifically for this issue.


  17. Alex Boag-Munroe wrote on

    Does this have anything to do with FF7 annoyingly disabling my flash plugin, whatever version I have installed (even version 11 release candidate) because “using an old version may not be secure”?

  18. pipo wrote on

    That’s what you get when you beta test it for + fulls weeks, only with a blank profile…..
    It’s the only thing the support guys know/suggest for anyone have any problem……

  19. michael wrote on

    i just removed an add-on i didn’t want any longer and presto! all my plugins showed back up. so, like the man said “add or remove any add-on and the problem will go away.

    my problem did not involve updating firefox, just having extension updates waiting to be installed when i checked for plugin updates… still pio (pilot induced oscillation)


  20. yup wrote on

    first time here and why are most commenters so mad
    they look like trolls, to be honest

  21. Klaus Hartnegg wrote on

    Should people now upgrade from 6.0.2 to 3.6.23 ? Those who stayed in the 3.6 series were protected from the latest securify vulnerabilities. Those in the 6.x series were not. Why didn’t you immediately offer a 6.0.3 until the problem with 7.0 is fixed? Because you would have to admit it was stupid to stop security fixes to the previous series (6) as soon as the first one from the next series (7) is out?

  22. Peu wrote on

    I think you should find a smart way to combine messages addressed to end users with references to bug numbers. Why not directly beneath the post with a smaller font in gray?
    (So far I have not had any problems finding the release notes.)

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  23. dOyGo wrote on

    I think this issue its not TOO rare, happened to me too… but after a few reinstalls and browser restarts they started to work…
    But thx for the fix… =)

  24. KaibutsuX wrote on

    My firefox auto-updated to 7.0 yesterday. I suppose the rapid release model does prevent security bugs because I actually spend less time browsing the internet and more time clicking, ‘Restart firefox’ to apply new versions.

    If the development team can’t understand that a major release is supposed to mean that it’s been tested thoroughly, then I really can’t see myself using firefox much longer. As a software developer myself, I really don’t have the time required to install daily patches to what is supposed to be a major release.

    1. DrZeeke wrote on

      Off you go then 🙂 …. maybe you can develop your own browser … which i’m “sure will be without error!!

  25. JD wrote on

    When the Firefox team pauses new updates from going out after they already started, please please please post some notification that is very prominently found searching in google or mozilla.

    This has happened twice now to us recently and it drives us crazy. I’ll see the update on a few machines while I’m at work. Then when I’m home later and trying to update the machines, Firefox says that it is up to date at version 6.0.2 meanwhile I know that 7.0 was out. So then I and others start searching around why the update is not detected. Is it my os version? Is it my machine? And on an on. It even makes it on to prominent websites eventually with people with the same problem and no answer.

    Please put up notices about the held up release that will include common phrases so people can find out quickly.
    For example,
    Firefox 6 not updating to Firefox 7
    Firefox is up to date when it isn’t
    Firefox will not update
    Check for updates does not show new version available.

    There has to be a better way to keep us in the loop.

    I know that you’re working on important issues when you stop an update rollout midway, but please keep in mind that you’re confusing an awful lot of folks in the process.

    Or maybe put out a big press release that the update is being held back temporarily or something so that it gets picked up on the news feeds so that maybe we’ll see it there. You might say, “Well we try not to do that to save face a little.” I’ll just say that it hurts more in the long run with the amount of time I’ve spent on this the past two times.

    Thanks, hope this comment gets acted on in some way for all of us.

    1. charles wrote on

      I agree very vague info. I have had same problem with vista os. I still can not update to fire fox 7.01

  26. John99 wrote on

    The workaround is now to update firefox, the fix is out.

  27. Stefan wrote on

    Maybe You should release a new version every hour. In that case You can blame that people use the wrong version number…..LOL !

  28. Cornelis wrote on

    Thank you for all your hard work in developing and maintaining a first class software program

    I cannot imagine my computer without a Firefox browser

    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. ToR wrote on

      I totally agree.

  29. charles wrote on

    So now you messed up it my responsibility. I just tied to go where i was told. So if these ad on updates are not compatible tell me in easy terms. If this is not fixed will there be any problem with computer itself???? Not a geek like most just learning. I will keep trying.

  30. John Lee wrote on

    OK, so if the ‘http://’ URL prefix is hidden by default, how do we enable it? I’ve looked in all the menus, and so far, nothing.

    1. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on

      See for instructions on changing the default back.

  31. MadamChikas wrote on

    AGREE with cornelis 😀

    I was greatly helped by the firefox

  32. Goneal4 wrote on

    I have read some of the comments which sound a bit argumentative and attack the firefox techs for thinking end users ignorant. I would like to say as an end user who is not very tech savy that I appreciate Firefox taking into consideration that there are those end users out here who might get confused. I AM ONE OF THOSE! I am by no means ignorant. I have a college degree, am a Registered Nurse, am GREAT at taking care of patients, performing medical and lifesaving procedures, know tons of information about drugs and side effects, but computer language/jargon is not my specialty. So, I say to firefox, thanks for considering those of us whom, I assume, are in the minority when you apply changes and updates, as some of the issues you speak about are GREEK to us. I just need the system to work for me, I don’t need to or want to know the technical details, I leave that to you computer geeks! Please just don’t think all of us end users to be tech geniuses as you (although I admire your gift for knowing all this stuff) and please cut firefox some slack. Peace to all!

  33. Adam Williamson wrote on

    So after releasing the update, you removed the workaround – except some of us run Firefox from distribution packages, and do not have a packaged version of 7.0.1 to install yet.

    Please do not assume that all your users run Firefox direct from upstream, because we do not. I have been hit by this bug, do not have a 7.0.1 update to install, and cannot find out what the workaround is. Great job, guys.

  34. Will wrote on

    This new release schedule is insane. Not only does it prevent the developers from fully testing a release, it drives us crazy having to learn about the new changes every few weeks. Plus we have to spend a bunch of time learning how to overcome new features like the truncated url bar. FGS whose bright idea was that??!!

  35. Daniel RF wrote on

    First of all, sorry for my poor English.
    I still have the same problem with ReminderFox When I try to create a remainder based on an e-mail, the remainder is created but it is not linked to the mail (the small envelope does not appear in the list), so it is almost uneuseful, because later, when I see the remainder, I can not find which mail it tries to remaind to me.
    May you please help me to solve this problem?
    Thank you a lot in advance,
    Daniel Fingeret

  36. carlos wrote on

    I think this could have all been resolved with a little patience from the Firefox team. Don’t be so eager to get your version numbers up. The Fedora Project is making that same mistake; and as someone pointed out, Google Chrome is on version 14 after a short run. Fix 98% of the bugs at all levels of priority on your current version first. Test the bug fixes thoroughly to ensure additional bugs were not created and fix those, too. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I have fixed all I can,” and be satisfied with that, then, and only then, should you start thinking about adding new features and functionality to your program. And do it at a pace that will ensure you are putting out a great quality product.
    Too many people today are forgetting about quality. The original goal of Firefox was to give people an alternative to MS IE. If I recall, back in the day people used to say “Get Firefox because it is the most secure browser.” What happened to that? It seems now the goal has gone away from security to supporting add-ons.
    Justin, thank you for letting us know about the workaround. I’m sure you and your team are working very hard to make sure a good quality product is being GIVEN FOR FREE to us. In the future, would it be possible for you to let those end-users, who may happen to be add-on developers as well, know what the bug number is, please? This way it will cut down on the amount of moaning and complaining from those arrogant jackholes that accuse you and your team of being arrogant jackholes, and think that moaning and complaining is the way to get things in life. There are two words that describe people like that: Spoiled brats.
    Let me end with this: People, be kind to one another. Let’s not forget that we all squat; and when we do, it don’t smell like roses.

  37. Norm wrote on

    The add-ons are very important to me and I won’t upgrade until I here that my add-ons won’t be interfered with. In my case its the Yahoo toolbar. This blog tells me it will still be a problem.

  38. cyd wrote on

    did the bug get fixed that doesn’t allow Kapersky to run?

  39. jagoff wrote on

    With all respect, I find the constant “upgrades” a real nuisance, changes that seem to be just for their own sake, as though you have to keep making it look new all the time. I’m a simple end-user, not a developer or programmer, and I can’t spend the time to relearn the product every few weeks, figure out where old features have gone and how the new ones work. It’s made me think seriously about switching to Chrome or something else (but never IE). First the Norton Toolbar wasn’t compatible, now the latest problem is that Java is not compatible with Firefox 7, so I had to switch back to 4. My videos wouldn’t play. Is there a way to make them work, without a lot of complicated maneuvers? I have no understanding of, or time for, “safe mode,” workarounds, more add-ons and plug-ins. When will you guys adhere to the theory “if it ain’t broke, don’t break it”? Why don’t you stop treating the browser as though it’s the end, instead of the means? The simple analogy is that if it were a hammer, you’d have to get a new one ever few weeks and relearn how to use it, just to be able to build a house.

  40. diego wrote on

    quero agradecer pela atualizacao lançada corrigindo o problemas nas add’os

  41. Fahad wrote on

    Why Google Toolbar stop making new updates for firefox ? I am very much disappointment

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Hi Fahad, here is information that might help you:

  42. Mary Trey wrote on

    I was encouraged by Firefox to upgrade to Firefox 8. I did so successfully & used it for a few days.
    There was too much wrong with it & gave up trying to correct it. I have since noticed that other Firefox users had problems also. The problems began with any updates over Firefox 5. I have since uninstalled Firefox 8 & downloaded 3.6 even though support will soon discontinue for it. Everything works great now.

  43. intelekt wrote on

    Sorry, I know this is not the exactly topic of this post, but I just don’t understand this rapid release thingy?
    Whoever stands behind this “brilliant idea” should get sacked and the policy canceled before it causes FF irreparable harm. It won’t survive long this way…

  44. rich5lee wrote on

    I had issues with the new one and went back to FF 7.0.1…

    I have a question, I have been advised to disable the auto update, before running it, if anyone has instructions on this, I would appreciate it very much, thanks in advance. I await the great minds of info…

    Thank you in advance


  45. Mack wrote on

    12-05-2011: My sentiments are exactly as with Mary Trey, “I was encouraged by Firefox to upgrade to Firefox 8. I did so successfully…. There was too much wrong with it & gave up trying to correct it. I have since noticed that other Firefox users had problems also…I have since uninstalled Firefox 8 & downloaded 3.6 even though support will soon discontinue for it. Everything works great now.”

    The only difference with Mary Trey’s statement is that I could NOT use it for a few days. My attempts to use it were only for a few hours. I then installed Internet-Explorer 8, which was a much larger problem, before I reinstalled Firefox 3.6 through a German link provided by Mozilla. Even then Mozilla still attempted to steer me toward version 8 (rhymes with hate). Since Firefox 3.6 all Mozilla has done is push crap. I said Crap.

    Firefox developers seem to only want to push their so-called upgrade agenda, regardless of the impact upon end users, rather like bad used-car salesmen wanting to unload their latest lemon at the consumer’s expense. It is glaringly obvious that Firefox 3.6 is still a functionally huge hit with users, proving that later iterations were unwarranted, unneeded, unstable, unusable, and, most of all, unwanted. Inexcusable. Once I did the very fast 3.6 reinstall, pleasure returned to using the Internet with all the bloat having simply disappeared.

    Mozilla/Firefox, quit trying to be like M/soft, pushing crap to every corner of the globe, FOR NO GOOD REASON.

  46. Dot Slur wrote on

    Dear Mr. Dotzler, it’s all about “version” “numbers” now isn’t it when software USED to be a take-pride in doing it right thing and giving users choice and being engineering-based but now it’s all about “marketing” and how “fancy” the software can be with extra “decorations” and some cutting-edge “feature” that can’t wait a year and actually adhere to some sort of standard. Software-candy now instead of software-discipline the way it used to be. Imaginary decimal points. Are we at version “59” yet? (i.e. 5.9 [five-point-nine]).

  47. curtis wrote on

    this browser is getting stupider by the day. i would rather use safari than this

  48. Renko wrote on

    Seems youtube has finally gotten around the Adblock. Now it won’t play unless it is disabled 🙁

  49. Ronald Golden wrote on

    Somehow Mozilla Firefox updated on my computer and I had been using this web browser for some time and really liked it until the update…I am not sure what happened but ever since the update today I can’t play any of the games I was playing on Face Book because the Flash player is missing and games will not load at all…so in order to play any of the games that require Flash player I can’t use Firefox and have to go back to Internet Explorer…what happened?
    I tried reinstalling Flash player and still won’t work with the Foxfire update and just get a blank screen so I guess I won’t be using Firefox anymore even though I really liked it for a long time.
    Can I somehow go back to the former version that I was happy with?
    I am not a tech guy when it comes to computers. I am retired, take care of the wife and play a few games and am on FB quite a bit and play a couple games on there that requie the Flash player. What do you suggest that I do to go back to Firefox.

    Thank you.

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Hi Ronald, this support article might help: If not, you can try asking your question here: