Jetpack Project: weekly update for Oct. 18 2011

Project News

Meeting Brief

  • Builder re-pack changes pushed to production last Wed. Will re-pack add-ons for 1.2
  • SDK: need to replace Google translate docs example, will poll google group
  • mobile support goal at risk due to Native UI change
  • SDK hack day event booked, November 19th in 10FWD
  • L10N talk at MozCamps Berlin & KL

Full minutes are available here:

6 responses

  1. Mingyi Liu wrote on :

    I just repacked my addon and tried to upload to AMO, and got a validation error about minVersion. Turns out minVersion in install.rdf was set to ‘7’ by SDK 1.2, which is not allowed. Shouldn’t the minVersion be 4.0?

    Please fix it for SDK 1.2

  2. Jivko wrote on :

    Why don’t you fix the theme page on the Amo Instead on making posts about Jetpack or the Add-ons SDK? It’s broken again.

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

      Thanks for your comment. How exactly is the theme page broken? Do you mean this page?

  3. Jivko wrote on :

    Yes that page. I wrote about this a few days ago here and got a reply that the page will be changed to Most users. Amo developers did that and said that it’s a bug but now when I click on themes the featured page opens.

    This kills theme development because now people are going to download these themes. People usually download the first thing they see. What about other themes?

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

      I dropped by #AMO and discussed this with the devs there; there was a problem where the fix to make themes display the most popular by default was squashed by a later change. I expect they will have this fix re-re fixed soon. Thanks for pointing this out!

  4. Shobo wrote on :

    Why are there only 16 themes on a page? I have so many questions and I’m 95% sure that my post or other complaints won’t change a thing. I’d be nice to have the old design back!