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Be part of the next Featured Add-ons board

Help us choose the next Featured Add-ons

Becoming a featured add-on guarantees downloads and notoriety, and many add-ons, especially start-ups, see it as crucial in order for their add-on to succeed. In addition, end users see this list as a safe place to start with add-ons and trust Mozilla to feature great add-ons that work perfectly.

Back in May we asked the add-on community to come forward to be part of the Featured Add-ons board; and help decide the best add-ons available on a monthly basis for a period of six months. During this period, the board has convened every month to go through suggestions and requests for Featured add-on consideration, highlighting some fantastic add-ons along the way.

Now that the term of the first add-on board is over, we would  like to reach out to the Mozilla community again to recruit once more.

The Featured add-ons advisory board process

Every 6 months, a call will go out via the Add-ons Blog for volunteers to participate in choosing featured add-ons. Volunteers must commit to trying the add-ons that apply to be featured and attending a monthly conference call to discuss suitability.

Each Board’s term is 6 months and will be comprised of 5 community members in addition to members of the Mozilla Add-ons team.

A note on member requirements:

Members must abstain from voting on add-ons that they have any business or personal affiliations with, as well as direct competitors of any such add-ons. Members must be picked from the add-ons community: power users, developers, and evangelists of add-ons.

If you would like to be considered for a position on the add-ons advisory board, please email with your name and contact details, no later than November 1st, 23:59 PDT.

You can find our more about the  featured add-on selection process on the wiki.

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  1. David wrote on

    Would love to try this out since it a product of choice for the schools we manage.