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Statistics Correction in Developer Dashboards

Recently, you may have noticed an issue with the new AMO stats dashboard. When designing the new pages, we wanted to reduce the noise level from mislabeled or malformed data. This was especially necessary for our “Usage by Application” data, which contains many applications we do not recognize.

To accomplish this, we filtered the raw data to only index versions of applications we were aware of. Unfortunately, the data source for these applications was incomplete, so when we indexed the data into the new system, we missed out on a large amount of legitimate data. Included in this data were the minor versions of Firefox, such as 4.0.1, 5.0.1 etc. As a result, a few developers noticed abrupt changes in their usage data.

We’ve relaxed the filter to be more permissive, and will be re-indexing statistics data for all add-ons to increase accuracy. Developers can expect to see a noticeable increase in their “Usage by Applicaton” statistics, where the sharp drop-offs shortly after each major version will now appear as a smoother curve. Total add-on usage numbers should remain unchanged as a result of this re-indexing.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and apologies for any inconvenience.

6 comments on “Statistics Correction in Developer Dashboards”

  1. onemen wrote on

    I’m Tabmix Plus developer.

    In the Statistics for Tab Mix Plus, i see significant decrease (35%) in the Daily Users from 1,800,000 on 2011/11/28 to 1,175,000 at 2011/12/27.

    Tabmix 28/11/11 27/12/11 Diff
    other 127,630 81,966 -45,664 11,762 6,576 -5,186 114,479 67,420 -47,059 45,245 26,006 -19,239 321,397 63,795 -257,602 1,193,219 928,782 -264,437
    Total 1,813,732 1,174,545 -639,187

    same difference in use by Firefox version
    version 0.3.6 down by 184,450 users
    version 7 down by 116,298 users
    version 8 down by 356,782 users
    other versions down by 95,769 users
    version 9 is up by only 114,190 users
    In total users by Firefox version is down by 639,109

    I hope you can check this and see where is the problem

  2. Amy Tsay wrote on

    Hi onemen,
    We had some issues on the 27th that required us to perform server maintenance. We have so far been unable to recover 2-3 hours of data from the outage, so you can expect a 10-15% drop in average daily user counts for that date. We’ll let you know if we’re able to recover the data, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Here is more info:

    1. onemen wrote on

      Hi Amy,

      i read about amo-outage before, the problem with Tabmix data came before it,
      since the 16th the daily usage drop significantly with out any reason.

      On December 5 the daily usage drop for one day by 50%.

      I did not see any of this changes in the past

      1. Amy Tsay wrote on

        We had an outage on Dec 5, which probably explains the drop: In the past few weeks, there have been a few days where service was intermittent. Please let us know if you notice anything else unusual, and thanks for your patience.

  3. onemen wrote on

    The usage numbers for Tabmix are still dropping down

    I don’t see Firefox 9.01 in the applications list maybe that’s the reason ?

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Hi onemen, you can see the latest on the stats issues here: It looks like things should be functioning normally by this evening.

      Update: Issue Corrected with Add-on Usage Stats –