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  1. beth wrote on :

    Why is there no flag for Israel????????????

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Beth, the Israel flag is now in the collection. The flag was created but hadn’t been added to the collection yet.

      1. deef wrote on :


  2. Kev wrote on :

    How do I remove the nation’s flag from my Firefox page?

    1. Sandra wrote on :

      I got rid of mine by clicking on top left ‘firefox box/tab’ then scroll to ‘add ons’ then ‘appearance and ‘disabled/removed’ from there.

      I think other systems it may be using ‘tools’ tab or ‘menu’ tab and use the same procedure.


    2. ivan wrote on :

      go / tools/ add-ons/ appearance/ flag remove. 🙂

  3. Mishu wrote on :

    Bangladesh ?? :'(

  4. bob wrote on :

    This month, customize Firefox with your nation’s flag and join us in celebrating the spirit of community that’s bringing the world together.

    Do me a favor and reread that again. The irony is overwhelming.

  5. Borikua wrote on :

    Can you please add Puerto Rico’s flag. Thank you.

  6. David McGraw wrote on :

    Nation-state flags are part of what is wrong with the human race. Until that is better-understood, there will be suffering and failure.

  7. STEF wrote on :

    por que no se me actualizó y no me aparece la pagina de inicio de mozilla con la llama ardiento?

  8. Govinda wrote on :

    There is no flag of Nepal…. Please add Nepal’s iconic only one Triangular flag. Please,

  9. me wrote on :

    Where is mongolia

  10. Anahit wrote on :

    I would like to see Armenian national flag…. if it’s possible, i would like to create it myself 🙂

  11. Sajib wrote on :

    Hi Amy,

    Where is the flag of Bangladesh? Would you please tell us how we can help you to add Bangladeshi flag? thank you for your post.


    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Sajib, you can find the Bangladesh flag here: http://bit.ly/NR17yy

  12. iftikharsahibi wrote on :

    There is no flag of AFGHANISTAN …plz add this

  13. agoodfella wrote on :

    are you going to put a USA flag up soon?