Jetpack Project: weekly update for February 19, 2013

Project News

Quick Stats

Note: the stats above are based on the queries I linked to for each item. If you have suggestions on how these queries might be made more accurate,please comment below. Stats generated at 2013-02-19 09:32:31 PST

Meeting Brief

  • High Priority Items: loader & cfx items are done and landing soon, PWPB support coming in the next week or so, patches underway for x-domain content scripts, and Matteo is waiting for comments on the Panel Positioning proposal!
  • SDK: 1.14 is getting a version compatibility bump today with the release of FX 19.
  • Roundtable: need to land fix for bug 842486, some discussion of how to treat XUL content & and devtools-related content script questions.

Full minutes are available here: