Friend of Add-ons: Johann Hofmann

Our newest Friend of Add-ons is Johann Hofmann! Johann is active in the Rust ecosystem, and has been contributing to WebExtensions in the past few months. He explains, “I like that the WebExtensions project enables me to have such a big impact on the API that I and many other developers will use in the future.”

Johann has also contributed code to JPM, and is a volunteer AMO reviewer. He enjoys open source projects and explains how he began contributing to add-ons:

“I got into contributing to add-ons when I started to write my own Firefox extensions and noticed small bugs in the tooling, which I managed to fix. I love contributing to open source. I think Mozilla is the perfect place to do open source because it focuses on the people behind the code. Everyone is really welcoming and trying to help you make an impact, in real-life events as much as on IRC.”

Thanks to Johann for making an impact with add-ons.

We encourage you to document your contributions on the Recognition page, which also serves as the nomination vehicle for the Friends of Add-ons features.